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Session 19-20 (Ravian)

Yellow Bands

Played on September 7th and 14th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

104 23.M41 - Cathedral under siege

The sound of war enter the church. Gunfire and screaming can be heard, but everybody inside remains relatively calm. We all head outside, to asses the situation, readying our guns.
Once outside we see a large troop transporter stuck in the gateway. A lot of people with yellow-ribbons pour out of the transporter, wielding guns. Then the sound of yelping can be heard. Novus cringes in fear, but the Warchief and his comrades run of into the direction of the noise fearing for the lives of their mounts.
As we're defending our position, Octia all of a sudden spots a gang of mobs attempting to storm Cathedral with a large bomb. Luckily Vhadeen quickly disposes of the group with a well-aimed shot, blowing up the bomb. The fight continues and eventually we seem to be on the winning side. Octia, Arquis, Vhadeen, Lamark and the main guard start progressing towards where the boss of the yellow-ribbons is fighting.
Vhadeen hasn't lost his aiming skills and after a short fire fight shoots the boss in the head, adding to the confusion on the yellow-ribbon side. The Warchief and his gang charge around killing of any last opposition before joining us.

As we're assessing the situation, one of the riders comes to use and warns the Warchief there's trouble at the Cathedral. As we all approach it we see a standoff between Octia and the Abbott on one side and the Warchief and Deathsinger on the other. In between there's a near-dead yellow-ribbon guy. As Castella would like to interrogate one I decide to apply some healing. But to no avail, as moments later Octia grabs her bolt-gun and shoots the defenseless person in the head.
The Abbott exclaims he wants to continue with the blessing of the Cathedral but the Deathsinger, who turns out to be Esha Raine, says that this is enough. She and the Warchief mount up and leave the Cathedral area.

104 23.M41 - Get me Esha Raine!

People start to approach us and seem to be very thankful for helping them fend of the 'voicers'. They even offer Castella a necklace as token of their gratitude. Novus attempts to get the troop transport working again, but the machine spirit is not in his favour today as he only succeeds in breaking it even more.
As everybody is going about their business, cleaning up all the mess which has been created, all of a sudden a scream can be heard form the Cathedral door. The Abbott is stumbling and exclaiming: 'She stabbed me!!'. Octia follows the Abbott outside and orders us to go and get Esha Raine.
Very much in doubt about what the hell is going on here we decide to pack and get ready for another journey into the mountains. This time we get directions on where to find Esha Raine. A heavy storm is hindering our movement. Eventually we're able to reach the valley where she lives. We see the huge dogs of the Warchief. and a s we approach the house, all of a sudden the whole valley is covered with the eery sightless birds, coming at us by the hundreds. A weird noise of laughter can be heard all around
Esha Raine comes outside and is immediately attacked by the birds. We fend of the attacks and after a long struggle we succeed in diminishing their numbers, scaring of the last few in the end. We tend to the wounded and discuss with Esha Raine what's going on. I ask her about the crowfather. She pulls a large leather bound book from a hiding place under a stone. It's a thirty page manifest handwritten in High Gothic.
It tells a tale about a demon-possessed cult-leader who fought with St. Drusus right on the hill where the Cathedral is now. The cult was founded on lies and internal struggle. And the members of cult fought each other at the end of the day as some kind of ritual.

Note: Also had a Seth 'the Voice' in white penance garments in my log but couldn't fill in his role in the story :(
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