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Session 23 (Vhadeen)

Played on October 26th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

A ship taken


Good day my friend, I know it has been a while since I met you. And yes I ignored all your attempts of communication. But I was on business of the empire, which might actually be a story for another day.

We were last on Sibilius you say? And we just blew up the almshouse? Ah not much more to tell there then. We left to report back to Inquisitor Sand. Who ofcourse was slightly disappointed with some of our results. But as always we did our job and left a bit of a mess behind.

After that we had a mission on Iocanthus, I still do not feel very comfortable about talking about that mission. We lost Octia and Scarlet on that mission. I am still not sure how and why Octia turned heretic. I still think it she was influenced from outside. But alas even after all this time I was never able to find anything to suggest that. But the important thing was we stopped the heresy there and after a time the cathedral that was build there was consecrated and the planet is solidly into the Emperors way of thinking. One good thing came out of this though. A new recruit joined our team. Her name is Castella. A formidal figure with a weird sense of honour.

And that brings us to our next mission in the name of the Emperor. We were told by Intios' new man, a bit of a weird man, that an emperial small transport ship was stolen and we had to go find it. Doesn't really sound like a difficult mission, but the place we were have to start brought some complications to get things done. It was a planet on the rim of the Empire and our Inquisitorial badges were almost no use. Showing them showed no respect and no obediance or fright. It was a tough world with groups and coalitions of power. The local officials had almost nothing to say. This was said in our mission briefing ofcourse, but still we had to find that out for ourselves before we were convinced. We split up after our arrival and four of us went to the spaceport to see if we could get any info on ships leaving and entering this place. We scared the clerk a little too much and got ourselves in a scrape with some local muscle and we decided to come back some other time when shots weren't fired at us. Novus was able to gather some info of the ship in the time he had to do some of the stuff he does to the clerk's terminal. The ship had been here 3 times since it was stolen and was reported to still be docked.
While we did that, Castella and Arquis went to the market to see if they could gather any info in other ways. When they came back, Castella was a bit pissed of at the world in one of those womanly moods. Arquis even had enough of that and sent her outside to cool down. Arquis found out that there was a shabbier market a bit away from the main market where the new owner of the ship was supposed to do business so we decided to have a look over there.

Arquis and Novus cleverly made contact with some trader who could help them to contact the new owner of the ship. But because Arquis' appointment was sooner than Novus' one we decided to take that one. Well, this proved to be a bit dramatic actually. It didn't quite happen as we expected it to happen. The trader brought Arquis and Ravian, as a bodyguard, to an alley where they met the new owner. The rest of us held back at the entrance of the alley. This woman actually came alone, guess she trusted Arquis' ruse of wanting to either buy or hire the ship. She had some standard questions ofcourse, trying to be a hardass, Arquis would have been able to convince her. Too bad we all got ambushed by some invisible group that shot us with tranquiliser weapons. Some of us fought pretty darn well and some damage was done, but we were too unprepared for this and outclassed by far so we all went down eventually.

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