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Session 24 (Vhadeen)

Played on November 2nd, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

I ain't no fish!


Well, that stank.. Literally. A cold floor with a layer of water filled with purple puke and blood. But as always I am getting ahead of myself. As I said last night, we were drugged and captured by a superiorly prepared enemy.

We woke up in a large room with seven different seperate cells. One for each of us and one for that womanwho claims to have the ship. A cold floor against our backs and stripped of almost all of our clothes and equipment. Well, this one was out of my control for now, it was up to the others to get us out of the cells. After a short while Arquis was taken from his cell and the woman woke up and decided to leave her lunch on her cellfloor. It was all purple and she mentioned in her ramblings something about us not surviving this. After being asked to try and force my way out I tried to see if I could bend the bars at all, but I had no such luck. Novus was already having a look outside of the cells with his extendable tentacle things and Ravian was trying to blast himself for some reason. Castella broke her own hand against the wall to get the attention of our captors while Novus blasted the control panel next to the door with some energy blast. Though this freed Ravian to have a look around, he also healed Castella's hand because he wanted her to shut up, which gave her plan a much smaller chance at succeeding. Which failed horribly as she couldn't keep her face in agony when the xenos came back later. Ravian had some more fun with the control panel and blasted it some more until flames came from it and the water started flowing from the ceiling. This attracted the attention of the xenos and they came in and tranquilised Ravian again.

Back to square one? Novus sure didn't think so. A few more blasts of energy opened two more cells. Zuka's and mine actually. Strangely enough the door to the outside wasn't locked by itself so went outside to have a look around while Zuka tried a more proffesional way of working the control panel instead of blasting it. Outside the room was another slightly smaller room with two doors and a stairway leading down. A strange xenos complex with illogical shapes to the cells and to the rooms. I didn't hear anything behind the doors so I decided to check the stairs first. I guess it was a bit too dark on the stairs because before I knew it I stumbled upon two xenos who were doing something to a third person lying on the ground. Well, they saw me first, before I could do anything a fist struck me in the face and I stumbled back half a step. We took our revenge soon enough as Zuka kept on freeing more of us and we took both of the xenos down and freed the third person who happened to be Arquis.

The xenos' armor and clothes were almost useless as they were very slim and tall. Novus cut down a cape's length of one to use for himself and gave me some kind of overgrown knife the xenos had on him. About halfway through the fight the whole place started shaking and what we thought were alarms started blaring. Zuka told us there were a lot more xenos running around downstairs. We needed to find our equipment if we wanted to stand a chance and we needed em quick.

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