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Session 25 (Vhadeen)

Played on November 9th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

Guess we were an experiment


Well, it took our brainish people a while but we were finally able to open up the storage rooms and the boxes. Our equipment was inside and we got it back just in the nick of time. Ravian and Castella were keeping watch on the stairs and three more xenos came up just when we were opening the boxes and getting our things. I had my armour on when I heard the commotion, quickly grabbed my shotgun and started to move. Luckily i remembered that this gun was still jammed before I made a step. Novus caught it deftly as I threw it to him and immediately started to unjam it. I located my hammer and made a run for the stairs.

Even without equipment and armour Ravian and Castella were holding their ground, but I could see Ravian was hurt. The rest of us jumped into the fight and the xenos were driven back quick enough. We chased them down the stairs but found out soon enough that they fled down another set of stairs and joined with a big group of other xenos. We couldn't take a big group like that so we decided to cover the stairs and have a look around the floor we were on. Escape pods were found on the other side of the floor, which supported the idea someone had about being on a spaceship of some kind. This was a good thing as we could get out, but the bad thing was that we could see through the pod's windows and see Emperial ships flying and shooting. They were attacking the ship we were on and we had no idea what would happen if we used the pods. We decided to use them but were convinced by Severina that we were poisened by these xenos and we needed the antidote before we could leave. I didn't want to believe her, but the dizzy spells and the upset stomach were enough signs we were far from healthy. Time was against us and we needed to find the antidote..

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