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Session 3 (Joss)

Played on June 25, 2006

Los Angeles, August 16, 2005

As we left our protagonists last week, they were at JD's appartment...

Nothing indicated that anybody actually lived at JD's place. Bangman, however, seemed to use his appartment quite regulary. Searching it didn't result in any clues... Totally at a loss about what to do, the ragtag bunch of angels decided to ask a Superior. Omniel seemed to have the most direct link, so he petitioned Yves. Immediately Yves entered the room, and the kind man listened patiently to Omniel's stories.
Yves knew things did not go as well as planned, and it seemed they were misinformed. Speaking for the others' Superiors as well, Yves instructed the party to find some things out. How is it that Yves knew Bangman wanted to Ascend? And why? The bartender of the Peach & Mango was somehow involved. Yves mentioned two curious events:

  • Bangman was told to break into a house, but refused. This was with the Saintsbury's, at 12 Major Duram Lane.
  • Also, he sped a woman (Clover) having a baby to the Santa Angelica Hospital.

The party decided to investigate the different leads and spread out. Omniel moved as a sparrow to Durhamlane. Something had happened as police and ambulance were present, and the area was sealed off.
Meanwhile the rest went to the Peach & Mango. The bartender heard about Bangman and his willingness to Ascend from a demon. His vessel was tall, about 1m90, and had a broad built. His hair was brown -- but the bartender could not offer a name...

Joss and Wes quickly left the bar to get to the Santa Angelica Hospital. While Joss distracted the girl at the front desk, Wes performed infiltration by means of the electricity network... Not everything went smooth, but in the end he discovered that Clover was not present. Joss, however, learned from the girl that the mother died because the baby clawed his way out of her!

Omniel was playing CSI on by first possessing a medic. He found out that there are two dead people at 12 Durhamlane, an elderly couple, devoutly religious. They were murdered that afternoon by what seemed to be removal of the heart. One of the man's legs was broken, too. They were seated on a couch, totally naked, and had been tied down. The TV was on static, but the DVD player contained The Sluttinator from an unknown movie-rental business called Blockbuster Movies. Peculiar detail: all the many crosses in the house had been inverted.

In the hospital...
Wes finally found the baby but that appeared to be totally normal.

Omniel possessed a cop and went with his partner to Blockbuster Movies. The DVD had been rented that day at 14h35, by a broad guy with brown hair, using the name of Paul Jones. Distinguishing feature: a scar. Address: Hawthorn, 60 Middleburn Lane. He only rented The Sluttinator.

The angels assembled at the Peach & Mango and told their respective stories. Omniel remarks that a Shedim could have possessed the baby.
The bartender recognized the man on the photograph as the demon who 'advised' him. He seemed very relieved that the angels had found him.

Transportation to 60 Middleburn Lane did not take long in Wes' car. It is one of the better neigbourhoods. Obtaining entry was not trivial but Thahn Sung forced the door. Paul reacted somewhat scared: "JD, they are here!" JD entered the room with six of his flunkies and didn't seem fazed at all. And he shouldn't, as in moments Kevin and about 20 other demons entered the place! Our heroes are in dire straits, beset on all sides by what seems to be the entire demonic population of LA!
It turned out that Kevin had been using JD, as JD had been using Bangman... Kevin and his cohorts proceeded to beat the crap out of JD, Paul and the others. Before our protagonists are told to leave "or else" they note that Paul's body does not vanish in a puff of brimstone: apparently he was a mortal.

Once again, Yves appeared in the Corporeal realm and debriefed the party. They had done well, all things considered, but the whole thing had been a diversion, or so it seemed. While the group had been busy trying to track down Bangman, the Holy Pope had been assassinated.

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