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Session 4 (Luke)

Played on July 2nd, 2006
Start of Demons story arc

Jerusalem, August 7, 2005

The demons gathered at mr. Befaloh's place. Once more, Vito (Calabim of War), Seluku (Calabim of Fire), Bobby (Balseraph of Dark Humor), Melchior (Balseraph of Death) and Luke (Impudite of Theft) had been called upon to unite their forces for the greater... bad.

Befaloh, wearing a vessel resembling an old Jew, shortly explained their mission. The goal was to disrupt transportation in Jerusalem, and especially the Old City. The bus station, the new train station and the Gates into the old city comprised their lists of targets. There was no exact date or time when the disruption was to take place. The demons were warned, that there was a large presence of Angels in Jerusalem. Hence, care had to be taken in execution this disruption. To facilitate this, Befaloh directed the Demons to contact a terrorist cell operating in Jerusalem. Allah's Army, as they were called, were based quiet a bit beyond the Old City, in an Arab neighborhood.

Finding the cell proved much easier than gaining their confidence. First the demons were sent away, but after insisting and mentioning Allah's Army they were allowed in. In the ensuing talks somehow the cell members saw fit to keep mentioning that the new group was not to be trusted. Finally, frustrated by the innuendo and the lack of enthusiasm by the cell, Luke turned invisible, causing a major disturbance in the Symphony. That brought them around rather quickly, and the planning went quite a bit smoother from then on.

As it turned out, the Old City was divided into four: The Armenian district, the Jewish district, the Muslim district and the Christian district. Harod's and Lion's Gate entered into the Muslim district and hence were not on the target list of the terrorist. It took a while, but it finally dawned on the demons that they needed better intelligence than the cell members could provide. Obviously, the easiest method to address this lacune was to check in person -- no mere human could adequately assess targets like a demon might.

A short tour of the city later resulted in a provisional planning. The control of the trainstation could be blown up, which would result in great chaos. The gates were all for pedestrians, and blowing a couple of them up would probably result in large crowds at the other gates. Main issue here would be Jaffa Gate -- a wide road had been constructed straight through the wall besides Jaffa Gate. The simple explosives the terrorist cell might provide seemed suited for suicide bombings, which would not hamper the structure of Jaffa Gate.

And then there was the bus station. There was no apparent single point of failure there. Melchior and Bobby started working on the Jaffa Gate problem, while the rest discussed the targets and possible angles of attack.

After a while, Melchior instructed Luke to "acquire" a van, with a large loading capacity. Luke rose to the occasion splendidly, and a short while later, the demons were driving through town. After a short stop (to allow Seluku to apply his destructive tendencies on another van than the recently acquired one) the van left the city. Melchior instructed Luke to stop at a farm, where he tried to acquire artificial fertiliser. The farmer, a settler, was naturally suspicious of any strangers, and started firing (but not aiming... just yet).

Luke whipped out his phone and googled for a large garden center in Jerusalem, whilst driving (at the insistence of Seluku). For some reason, this annoyed Vito, who attempted to destroy Luke's cellphone. However, it resisted his attempts, and as an outlet Vito redirected the destructive energies towards the drivers chair. Which promptly toppled.

Needless to say, this took some harsh looks and words to get straightened out. In the end, Luke swindled Melchior out of his chair, and Melchior had to drive back in a broken chair.

On the way, Melchior explained what he intended to do: fertiliser and diesel together would make for a powerful explosive. Since these were readily available in quantities, the bus could be converted into a large bomb -- large enough to cause major problems at Jaffa Gate.

A short shopping trip later, the gang found themselves back at an abandoned terrorists' hideout. It had the looks of police raid all over the place. While the gang was still looking for clues, mr. Befaloh came walking up the street. Luke, who happened to be at the door, suppressed a smile. The picture of an old, none-too-steady walking Jew at this time of day in this neighborhood was quite strange.

Befaloh quickly explained that there had been a police raid, and that Youssef had been caught. The rest of the cell had been relocated. Vito wasted no time in pointing out that Luke was responsible for this. The rest eagerly joined in, Bobby playing his innocent-kid routine for all it was worth.

Befaloh was clearly pissed off, but equally evident was that he was left without alternatives. Thus, the gang was allowed to continue. They met up with the remaining members of the terrorist cell and sat down to do some planning. In the end, the following attacks were planned:

  • Achmed and Amin were going to speed a train into the station and blow it up
  • Sahid was to drive the van/bomb into Jaffa Gate and wreck the place
  • Munib was to blow himself to pieces at the bus station

The bus station attack could do with improvement. And at this rate, the other gates had to be attacked by the demons, which would probably cause massive disturbance. As the discussion continued, it was obvious that each of the demons was not thinking of this, but of where he would be when the attacks occurred...

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