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Session 5 (Bobby)

Played on July 9th, 2006
Part Two of the Demons story arc

Jerusalem, August 9, 2005

Terrorist attacks on major public transport junctions

From our reporter in Jerusalem. 9th of August 2005. The bus station, train station, Zion gate and the largest gate to the old city, Jaffar Gate, have been the target of a terrible terrorist attacks. These were carried out at noon when these traffic junctions were at their peak, with regards to the number of people passing through.

The bus station was attacked using a stolen truck carrying gallons of very flammable liquid. The truck had been stolen a day before and the carthief even caused the death of a guard, by driving him over. But these lives seem worth nothing to these terrorrists!

The driver of the truck, according to eye-witnesses an Arab person, tried to go for the bus station itself. But three bus drivers were able to drive their busses in the oncoming truck. This has saved the lives of a lot of people, but still there were a lot of casualties in the busses which got hit. The truck itself turned into a huge ball of fire when it exploded, blowing a large hole int he street.

The train station at the same time was rammed by a train. A few kilometres outside of Jerusalem the terrorists had taken over the train and killed the driver and thrown him out. Then they started to speed up to reach Jerusalem train station at maximum speed. By disabling the emergency brakes they avoided that the passengers could save themselves from the terrible faith. Also the security officers on board of the train were not able to save the station from its ill faith. The train crashed and blocked all the tracks, taking with it a number of other trains also parked at the station.

At Zion gate a tourist, who had been sitting on a nearby terrace all day, had something very odd to tell us. Earlier that day some fire department official had visited the gate. He seemd to check if everything was still all right with the construction, and he had nodded aprovingly. In the evening all of a sudden a car started swerving and somehow crashed into the bridge, completely destroying it.

The largest explosion however took place at the famous Jaffar gate, where a small volkswagen van drove into a policecar and caused a huge explosion and blocked the whole gate for all traffic.

Before everything is restored again to its former glory, it will take huge amounts of money and effort. The gigantic loss of lives, suffered today, will remain a large gaping hole in the hearts of all the citizens of Jerusalem and the rest of Israel. The chaos in the city was gigantic, people didn't feel safe anywhere anymore.

Police officers didn't expect the attacks

Only a day ago police officers had cleaned out a house, used by a terrorist cell. And apprehanded the leader. They also found evidence of the planning of the bombings of the targets today and even some of the other gates into the old city.

The spokesperson of the police department said they hadn't expected these attacks to continue so soon after they had cleared out the house. And when they got the emergency call about an attack on the airport, they weren't expecting this to happen at all.

"We drove off to investigate what had happened at the airport when somehow we were attacked. One of our patrols cars got its tires blown up. But we had to hurry! When we tried to continue however a traffic light crashed into our cars. Somehow everything was working against us!"

Last words from the train

One of the passengers on the train, which was used to crash into Jerusalem main station, called 911 when he suspected that something was wrong. Here's a transcript of the last telephone call this poor man ever made.

Hello, I don't know how you can help us, but it seems our train has been hijacked by Arab terrorists. The train didn't stop at my station and we had some unusual stops at odd places. After the last stop we only seem to be increasing speed. And I don't think this is completely going in the right direction!

What makes you think it's Arab terrorists?

He was telling us on the intercom in an Arab voice that everything was going to be alright, it doesn't feel alright however. It feels crap, where's this great security we're so proud of?!

Aren't there security officers on the train then sir?

Let me check, aaah yes, there's two coming now. Officers what's going on, are you going to stop this train!
[muffled]We're examining the situation sir, nothing to worry about, we'll take care of this.

You see sir, they're on top if it.

They can't get into the drivers compartiment! And there's an Arab yelling from inside, I don't trust this at all!
Aah the security officer finally got the door open! What the!!! Oooh my god!! There's a guy standing there with a huge bombjacket.... oooooh no!! And they brought a little kid to do their terrosist work for them. He's driving the train or something, can't make out what they're up too. They're innsane!

Try to keep calm sir, the officers will take care of this! Have faith

There's a huge fight going on in that compartiment. They got the terrorist for now it seems. The kid is enveloped in some kind of weird whirlwind though, can't make him out anymore, what the hell is going on here!?
Ooh no, we're still going at an awfull speed, and now the terrorist is standing back up too. He attacks your 'incredible' security officer.
Aaah there's the kid again moving away from the controls, allowing the Arab guy to take over. This is not going to end pretty.
[silent prayer]

Sir, are you still there? Sir!! Can you hear me!

This is the time the train crashed into the station, abruptly ending the call. Killing this pour soul and his fellow travelers. May they all rest in peace.

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