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Bayushi Kyo

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Shosuro Infiltrator School
To embrace a life where no deception or lying was needed, to live without a mask
To uncover and eliminate any weaknesses within Clan and Empire
Void Points
Artisan Skills
Refine Restore Invent Adapt Attune
Martial Skills
Martial Arts [Melee]
Martial Arts [Ranged]
Martial Arts [Unarmed]
Feint Withstand Overwhelm Shift Sacrifice
Scholar Skills
Analyze Recall Theorize Survey Sense
Social Skills
Trick Reason Incite Charm Enlighten
Trade Skills
Con Produce Innovate Exchange Subsist
Personality, Habits and Quirks
- Unmasking: Distracting giggling and gesturing
- -
Koku: 8
Ceremonial clothes, common clothes, traveling clothes
Daishō (katana and wakizashi)
Yumi (bow) and quiver of arrows
traveling pack
  • Shosuro Kinjiko, Master Sensei of infiltrator school
  • Bayushi Iya, Bayushi Courtier Lord
  • Bayushi Eiji, Brother, twin Eiji
  • Bayushi Egao, Sister, twin Eiji
  • Doji Ren, Crane Clan Courtier (Mark)
  • Isawa Aki, Phoenix Clan Shugenja (Matthijs)
  • Togashi Yoshi, Dragon Clan Tatooed Monk (Ferry)
  • Shinjo Takuya, Unicorn Clan Bushi (Marcel)
  • Akodo Masako, Lion Clan Bushi (Xavier)
Emerald Magistrate
Glory/Honor gained/lost
+3 Glory - Presence at Topaz Tournament
+4 Glory - During Topaz Tournament
+1 Honor - During Topaz Tournament
+3 Glory - Encounter with Ogre
Traveling Clothes Physical 2 Durable, Mundane, Subtle
Common Clothes Physical 1 Mundane
Flexibility (Water)
Types: Physical
- You can fit through spaces too tight for most people, allowing you access to places others cannot reach.
- When performing a check for which your physical flexibility is a benefit you may reroll up to two dice.
Such as a Performance [Water] check to perform a dance or a Martial Arts [Unarmed] [Water] check to grapple another person
Keen Balance (Earth)
Types: Mental, Physical
- When moving across treacherous terrain, as long as nobody is hindering you, you do not fall.
Such as rooftops or the rigging of a ship - When performing a check for which your balance is a benefit you may reroll up to two dice.
Such as a Fitness [Earth] check to resist being knocked down or moved or a Seafaring [Earth] check to withstand getting seasick during a storm
Paragon of Courtesy (Air)
Types: Mental, Virtue
- You believe utterly in the chosen Bushidō tenet, and others instinctively discern that your actions are genuine when you act in accordance with it.
- When performing a check for which you need to convince others of, or leverage your faith in, the Bushidō tenet you may reroll up to two dice
Such as a Performance check to recount a tale that impresses its importance upon others or a Martial Arts [Melee] check to take up arms for this cause
famously Lucky (Void)
Types: Fame, Interpersonal
- Other people have heard of you for your good fortune, and they believe it by default unless given evidence to the contrary.
- When performing a check for which you need to leverage your reputation for having things turn out your way, you may reroll up to two dice.
Such as a Command [Void] check to get your troops to put their faith in you utterly or a Games [Void] check to let fate decide the match
Secrets (Void)
Types: Mental, Interpersonal
- You never forget a secret you have heard, and you instinctively know if something you have heard is common knowledge or information someone wants concealed (even if you do not know who or why).
- After performing a check to acquire or preserve a secret you remove 3 strife.
Such as a Meditation [Void] check to resist efforts to pry a secret from you or a Sentiment [Void] check to have a hunch about whether someone is concealing a dreadful secret
Kisshōten’s Curse (Water)
Types: Physical, Spiritual Effects::
- Children instinctively dislike you and are obstinate in the face of your demands. Your own children (if you have any) are unlucky in matters of health, beauty, and happiness.
- When performing a check for which you need to communicate with children , you must choose and reroll two dice containing or . After resolving the check, if you failed, you gain 1 Void point.
such as a Command [Water] check to order them around or a Performance [Water] check to entertain them
Fear of Death (Void)
Types: Mental, Physical Effects::
- You cannot voluntarily choose to die or sacrifice your life, and if there is a chance you could live, you must always pursue it.
Including committing seppuku when honor demands it
- After performing a check to risk your life or accept your mortality you receive 3 strife. If this is the first time this has occurred this scene, gain 1 Void point.
Such as a Meditation [Earth] check to find inner tranquility before battle or a Tactics [Earth] check to hold a position against long odds
XP gained
8 xp - session 1-7
2 xp - session 8
2 xp - session 9
2 xp - session 10
4 xp - session 11
1 xp - session 12
1 xp - session 13
2 xp - session 14
2 xp - session 15
2 xp - session 16
0 xp - session 17
5 xp - session 18
3 xp - session 19
1 xp - session 20
2 xp - session 21
2 xp - session 22
2 xp - session 23
3 xp - session 25
2 xp - session 26
1 xp - session 27
2 xp - session 28
0 xp - session 29
5 xp - session 30
1 xp - session 31
2 xp - session 32
1 xp - session 33
2 xp - session 34
1 xp - session 35
2 xp - session 36
2 xp - session 37
4 xp - session 38
1 xp - session 39
1 xp - session 40
2 xp - session 41
1 xp - session 42
2 xp - session 43
2 xp - session 44
2 xp - session 45
2 xp - session 46
5 xp - logging
XP used
9 xp - Void Ring 2->3 Curr. 5 xp
3 xp - Technique: Skulk Curr. 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Courtier’s Resolve Curr. 2 xp
3 xp - Technique: Veiled Menace Style Curr. 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Cadence Curr. 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Lord Bayushi's Whisper Curr. 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Noxious Cloud Curr. 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Bravado Curr. 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Thunderstrike Clap Curr. 3 xp
2 xp - Skill: Sentiment [Scholar]: 0 -> 1 Curr. 1 xp
4 xp - Skill: Performance [Social]: 1 -> 2 Curr. 4 xp
4 xp - Skill: Fitness [Martial]: 1 -> 2 Curr. 4 xp
4 xp - Skill: Melee [Martial]: 1 -> 2 Curr. 4 xp
2 xp - Skill: Medicine [Scholar]: 0 -> 1 Curr. 1 xp
12 xp - Void Ring 3->4 Curr. 6 xp
12 xp - Air Ring 3->4 Curr. 6 xp
3 xp - Technique: Dazzling Performance Curr. 3 xp
4 xp - Skill: Sentiment [Scholar]: 1 -> 2 Curr. 4 xp
6 xp - Skill: Performance [Social]: 2 -> 3 Curr. 6 xp
XP totals
Total XP Gained: 87 xp
Total XP Used: 86 xp
Total XP Curriculum: 67 xp
XP left: 1 xp
Curriculum XP needed for each rank
Advances that do not appear on the curriculum table at that rank contribute only half their XP cost.
  • Rank 2: 20 xp
  • Rank 3: 24 xp
  • Rank 4: 32 xp
  • Rank 5: 44 xp
  • Rank 6: 60 xp
Katana 4 5* 1 Ceremonial, Razor-Edged
Wakizashi 3 5* 0-1 Ceremonial, Razor-Edged
Tessen 4 3 0-1 Ceremonial, Razor-Edged
Knife 2 4* 0 Concealable, Mundane,
Yumi (bow) 5 3 2-5
* when using 2-handed Deadliness is 7
The Path of Shadows
While performing an Attack action against a target who is Compromised, Incapacitated, Unconscious, or unaware of your presence, treat the damage and deadliness of your weapon as being increased by 3 (school rank).
Technique Types Available
Kata, Rituals, Shūji, Ninjutsu
Activation:: When you perform an Initiative or Attack check using Air, you may spend as follows: : If you are in Obscuring terrain, a crowd, or otherwise concealed from sight, one character with vigilance lower than or equal to your ranks in Skulduggery loses sight of you.
Deadly Sting
Activation: As an Attack action, you may use one dose of a poison and make a TN 3 Martial Arts (Air) check using a readied Concealable weapon targeting one character within the weapon’s range.
Effects: If you succeed, apply the chosen poison to your weapon (see page 244). Then, the target suffers physical damage equal to the deadliness of your weapon plus your bonus successes.
New Opportunities:
Air : Move 1 range band.
Air +: If you succeed, the target suffers a critical strike with severity 2, plus 1 per spent this way.
Sensational Distraction
Activation: When making a Social skill (Fire) check targeting one or more characters, you may spend in the following way:
Fire +: When interacting with other characters, the target treats their vigilance as 1 lower per spent this way; when interacting with you, the target treats their vigilance as 1 higher per spent this way. This effect persists until the end of the scene.
Courtier’s Resolve
Activation: Once per scene as a Support action, you may spend 1 Void point to recover from strife.
Effects: Remove strife equal to your glory rank.
In courtly situations, it can be advantageous for courtiers of the same clan to be able to communicate wordlessly. Activation: When you make a Social skill (Air) check, you may spend in the following ways:
Air : Convey a secret message that alters the meaning of what you are saying outwardly (or has nothing to do with it at all) to one character observing you who possesses this technique.
Air : Convey a secret message that alters the meaning of what you are saying outwardly (or has nothing to do with it at all) to one character observing you who does not possess this technique.
Lord Bayushi's Whisper
The Kami Bayushi, self-appointed villain of the Emperor Hantei and master of duplicity, founded the Scorpion Clan with a simple purpose: to dishonor themselves so that others could live honorably. Bayushi maintained vast networks of spies and informants, and he was extremely skilled at turning assets others used to try to spy on him. The Scorpion Clan has carried on this tradition with an efficiency that would surely make Bayushi proud. Hardly a town exists in the Empire without an agent of the Scorpion.
Activation: Once per game session, during a narrative scene or as a downtime activity, you may make a TN 2 Skulduggery (Void) check to uncover an informant who can give you information about a subject.
Void : If you succeed, choose one skill. The informant has a number of ranks in that skill equal to your school rank and can perform checks with that skill to assist you until the end of the scene.
Noxious Cloud
Volatile concoctions are an important weapon in many shinobi’s arsenals, allowing them to create choking smoke into which they can escape or even poison unprepared foes to weaken them for a killing blow. Activation: As an Attack action, you may use two doses of any single poison and make a TN 2 Medicine (Air) check targeting each other character at range 0–2.
Effects: If you succeed, each target suffers 3 physical damage, ignoring their resistance. This damage counts as being inflicted by a weapon envenomed with the poison you chose (see page 244).
Air : Move 1 range band.
Air +: Until the end of the scene, the area at range 0–2 becomes Obscuring and Dangerous terrain.
Air +: If you succeed, one target per spent this way suffers a critical strike with severity 2.
Glory is half reputation and half poise. The courtier displays a confident mien, speaking more informally than propriety should allow. Their words and posture carry a tinge of arrogance, making them harder to ignore. Activation: As a Scheme action, you may make a Games (Fire) or Performance (Fire) check targeting any number of characters in the scene. The TN of this check is equal to the highest vigilance among your targets.
Effects: If you succeed, each target behaves as though your glory is 10 higher or lower than its actual value, plus or minus an additional 10 for each bonus success (to a maximum glory value of 100 or a minimum glory value of 0). If you do anything that could call your glory into question, any character may resist with a TN 4 Sentiment check (Air 5, Water 2) to determine your actual glory attribute. This effect persists until the end of the scene. Fire : Choose a character in the scene. Learn if their glory is higher or lower than yours (the actual value).
Dazzling Performance
Performing a great feat can win a character renown, but performing a great feat and then telling the story of it draws far greater accolades. A courtier building a reputation in the competitive courts of Rokugan must master not just excellence, but also capture the imagination.
Activation: When making an Artisan skill (Fire), Games (Fire), or Performance (Fire) check, you may spend in the following way:
Fire : The next time you receive a glory award this scene, increase the amount you receive by 1. If there is a character of higher status in the scene, increase it by 1 per spent this way instead.
Veiled Menace Style
Activation: When you make a Martial Arts [Melee] or Martial Arts [Unarmed] Attack action check using a weapon in a one-handed grip, you may spend + in the following way:
+: If you succeed, choose one unaware or Disoriented target of your action. That target suffers a critical strike with severity equal to your weapon’s deadliness plus 1 per spent this way beyond the first.
Thunderclap Strike
Sweeping their weapon in a wide arc, the bushi lashes out at their foes, driving them back to make an opening for their next move. Activation: As an Attack action using a readied weapon, you may make a TN 3 Martial Arts [Melee or Unarmed] (Air) check using the appropriate skill for that weapon targeting each character within the weapon’s range. Effects: If you succeed, each target suffers damage equal to your weapon’s base damage and must resist with a TN 3 Fitness check (Earth 4, Fire 1) or move 2 range bands directly away from you. Fire +: Increase the TN of checks to resist the effect by 1 per spent this way.


The Game of Twenty Questions

  1. What clan does your character belong to?
    Scorpion Clan
    +1 Air Ring, +1 Skulduggery
  2. What family does your character belong to?
    The Bayushi Family
    (+1 Air or +1 Fire), +1 Courtesy, +1 Design
  3. What is your character’s school, and what roles does that school fall into?
    Shosuro Infiltrator School
    +1 Air Ring, +1 Fire Ring, (+1 Courtesy, +1 Fitness, +1 Games, +1 Martial Arts [Melee], +1 Martial Arts [Unarmed], +1 Performance, +1 Skulduggery), Ninjutsu: Deadly Sting, (Shūji: Whispers of Court, Sensational Distraction)
  4. How does your character stand out within their school?
    Self-awareness, insight, or mysticism (+1 Void Ring): At a certain point, all arts become a study of the universe, oneself, and the relationship between the two, and your character is more adept at seeing things within both than most of their peers are. They might even seem to have a supernatural sense of things, and to act based on hunches about what is to come in addition to possessing insight about their place in the wider universe.
    +1 Void Ring
  5. Who is your lord and what is your character's duty to them?
    Shosuro Kinjiko, master sensei of the Shosuro Infiltrator School. Kinjiko taught me of the dangers within our own clan, and what those dangers bring to the Empire.
    Giri: To uncover and eliminate any weaknesses within Clan and Empire
  6. What does your character long for, and how might this impede their duty?
    I understand there are still elements in both our clan and the Empire that do not play fair. I know these elements need to be taken care of. I know I am particularly good at acting in the dark. But is it possible that one day I can keep my act on the stage alone?
    Ninjō: to embrace a life where no deception or lying was needed, to be one person only
  7. What is your character’s relationship with their clan?
    Your character believes firmly in the precepts of their clan and the values it holds dear, gain +5 glory based on their reputation as an upstanding member of their community
    +5 Glory
  8. What does your character think of Bushidō?
    If your character’s belief in living by an orthodox interpretation of Bushidō is very staunch.
    +10 honor
  9. What is your character’s greatest accomplishment so far?
    My physique allowed me to travel in my school through all the various secret routes. This got me to places I could overhear many things not meant for my ears. I learned of a grave insult to our school as I exposed a student actively recruiting Shinobi for tasks not proper for Scorpion or Empire.
    Distinction: Flexibility (Water)
  10. What holds your character back the most in life?
    I never understood the happiness of children playing.
    Adversity: Kisshōten’s Curse (Water)
  11. What activity most makes your character feel at peace?
    Secrets drive me. So much to learn, as much as is required to keep the Empire and the Clan safe.
    Passion: Secrets
  12. What concern, fear, or foible troubles your character the most?
    I cannot handle personal death. I will make sure the odds are on my side, I can change the odds in my favor, or make up a good reason to be elsewhere.
    Anxiety: Fear of Death
  13. Who has your character learned the most from during their life?
    Shosuro Kinjiko told and showed me the world the way it really is. Taught me to train harder and faster to go places where no one can go to learn things to be used.
    Distinction: Keen Balance
  14. What do people notice first upon encountering your character?
    The first time not much. Bayushi can blend into any crowd and look mostly like others. He uses his posture, his clothes and his masks to make people think they know who he is.
    Both a physical and a mental mask can be used to my advantage. Though at times it actually gives away my inner feelings and motives.
  15. How does your character react to stressful situations?
    Being stressed forces me to lose my composure and mask I am wearing by either giggling, pointing or even both
  16. What are your character’s preexisting relationships with other clans, families, organizations, and traditions?
    Though I am not of the Shosura family, due to my relationship with my sensei, I feel as strong for them as for my own family. I have learned to infiltrate many different situations and places, both within my own clan and others, it does not give me any special relationship with other clans.
  17. How would your character’s parents describe them?
    Kyo's parents only know about his courtiership and his acting. Though they suspect there is more, but they also understand this is important for the Clan. They will describe him as an upstanding Bayushi courtier with a good future ahead of him.
    +1 Culture
  18. Who was your character named to honor?
    Kyotah was named to honor our ancestor's entry into the Clan. Bayushi Tah's skills in producing masks for the at that time Scorpion Damyo elevated him into the Bayushi Clan. As a child I've learn the wood working craft which I have found most useful for my own masks.
    Elevated for Service: +1 Labor, -3 Glory, +3 Honor
  19. What is your character’s personal name?
    Bayushi Kyotah
  20. How should your character die?
    At peace with himself, no longer an act to the outside world. Feeling he has helped the Empire with either enough small things or having dealth with one great inside danger to the Empire.

Background story

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