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Togashi Yoshi

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Togashi Tattooed Order
Become a spiritual advisor to his clan (which might mean letting your family connection lapse)
Have very close bonds with his family
Void Points
Artisan Skills
Refine Restore Invent Adapt Attune
Martial Skills
Martial Arts [Melee]
Martial Arts [Ranged]
Martial Arts [Unarmed]
Feint Withstand Overwhelm Shift Sacrifice
Scholar Skills
Analyze Recall Theorize Survey Sense
Social Skills
Trick Reason Incite Charm Enlighten
Trade Skills
Con Produce Innovate Exchange Subsist
Personality, Habits and Quirks
  • Unmasking: Unseemly weeping.
  • Dragon tattoo on chest
Koku: 3
Common clothing
Bō (staff)
Traveling pack
Lord Togashi’s Insight The enigmatic Kami Togashi was said to have the ability to see the future, by which provenance he excused himself from the Tournament of the Kami. Occasionally he appears to his descendants, the members of the Dragon Clan, in flashes of visions or sudden, unexplained bursts of insight. Whether those who hear the voice of Togashi himself are truly in contact with their progenitor, channeling his essence across the ages, or are letting their imaginations run a bit too wild is a topic of discussion among the Dragon’s scholars.
Activation: Once per game session as an action, you may make a TN 2 Meditation (Void) check to seek cosmic wisdom regarding a quandary in front of you.
Effects: If you succeed, you receive a brief vision or hear the voice of Togashi providing a hint regarding one way you might proceed (which the GM should furnish). This hint should not be the full answer, but it should help you move forward toward a solution or at least formulate a plan of action.
New Opportunities
Void : Reduce the TN of your first check to overcome the problem you are facing by your school rank (to a minimum of 1).
Common Clothes Physical 1 Mundane
Earthen Fist: Common Cloth. Physical 2 Mundane
Bō (2-handed) 6 2 1-2 Mundane
Punch (hand) 1 2 0 Snaring
Kick (leg) 2 1 1
Earthen Fist: Punch 5 2 0 Snaring
Earthen Fist: Kick 6 1 1
Keen Sight
Types: Physical, Mental
Effects:You can spot details of objects at a much greater distance than others can, and you pick up on small visual details that others might overlook.
- When performing a check for which you need to spot details or see things at a distance, you may reroll up to two dice. (such as an Aesthetics [Water] check to spot minor details in an art piece or a Martial Arts [Ranged] [Water] check to hit a faraway target)
Ebisu’s Blessing
Types: Physical, Spiritual
Laborers recognize you as a kindred spirit, and characters with status 30 or lower are innately trusting of you unless you give them reason not to be.
- When performing a check for which the blessing of this Fortune is useful , you may reroll up to two dice. (such as a Commerce [Earth] check to safely transport goods or a Labor [Earth] check to plow a field)
Types: Spiritual
Effects: You feel no attachment to mundane items and earthly titles; you cannot be tempted with material wealth or the promise of power.
- After performing a check to detach yourself from material concerns , you remove 3 strife. (such as a Meditation [Void] check to contemplate your place in the universe or a Survival [Void] check to exist in harmony with your environment)
Whispers of Poverty
Types: Interpersonal, Infamy
Effects: You are well-known, but not for the right reasons. Characters who do not know you personally always assume that you don’t have financial solvency and won’t be able to muster resources quickly.
- When you make a check to acquire items quickly or make trade deals , you must choose and reroll two dice containing or . After resolving the check, if you failed, you gain 1 Void point. (such as a Command [Water] check to win over troops under your command with the promise of rewards or a Commerce [Water] check to secure a large supply of a commodity or service)
Types: Interpersonal, Mental
Effects: If given the choice to kill someone or show mercy, you always spare their life, even if it is not in your interest to let them live.
- After performing a check that addresses or involves killing others or letting them die, you receive 3 strife. If this is the first time this scene, gain 1 Void point. (such as a Government [Fire] check to estimate the burden a war would place on the common people or a Martial Arts [Ranged] [Fire] check to shoot to kill)
Blood of the Kami
You have one mystical tattoo per school rank.
- When you make a check to activate a kihō linked to one of your mystical tattoos if you succeed, add 2 (school rank) additional bonus successes.
- Each time your school rank increases, you gain one additional tattoo with a linked kihō (free, no xp costs).
Technique Types Available
Kihō, Shūji, Rituals
Way of the Earthquake (Tattoo) The monk slams a hand or foot into the ground, and the earth itself shudders under the weight of the blow as their ki rushes through the soil. Nearby enemies are hurled to the ground and find it shifting treacherously underneath them as they struggle to rise.
Activation: As an Attack and Support action, you may make a TN 2 Martial Arts [Unarmed] (Earth) check to control the earth around you. When you perform this action, you may choose any number of other characters at range 0–1 as targets for the burst effect.
Enhancement Effect: If you succeed, this kihō activates. While this kihō is active, after you perform an Attack or Support action, or defend against damage, you may choose one other character at range 0–2 who must resist with a TN 4 Fitness check (Air 2, Water 5) or suffer physical damage equal to your Earth Ring and the Prone condition.
Burst Effect: If you have two or more bonus successes, each target suffers physical damage equal to your Earth Ring. Each Prone target suffers physical damage equal to your Earth Ring plus your bonus successes and the Immobilized condition instead.
Earthen Fist (Tattoo) Placing their hand on the ground, the monk draws forth the hardness of stone, pulling up clumps of rocky soil that coat their skin or invisibly reinforcing their bones and muscles with the durability of granite.
Activation: As an Attack and Support action, you may make a TN 1 Martial Arts [Unarmed] (Earth) check to empower your unarmed blows. When you perform this action, you may choose a character at range 0–1 as the target for the burst effect.
Enhancement Effect: While this kihō is active, treat the base damage of your unarmed punch and kick profiles as being increased by your Earth Ring. While this kihō is active, increase your physical resistance by 1.
Burst Effect: If you succeed with two or more bonus successes, you deal physical damage to the target equal to your Earth Ring, and your target must resist with a TN 4 Fitness check (Air 2, Water 5) or suffer the Prone condition.
Earth Needs No Eyes The monk who waits and listens sees much, even without eyes. Sending out waves of their own energy and letting the ki of the life around them flow back into their body through the ground, the monk feels the reverberations of everything moving nearby, from the thunderous breaths of a warrior in battle to the footsteps of the tiniest ants.
Activation: As a Support action, you may activate this kihō. When you do so, you may make a TN 1 Meditation (Earth) check to gain an awareness of your surroundings.
Enhancement Effect: If you succeed, this kihō activates. While this kihō is active, you can use vibrations through the earth to “see” a number of range bands in all directions equal to your Earth Ring. While this kihō is active, increase your vigilance by your Earth Ring.
Burst Effect: If you succeed with three or more bonus successes, you instantly become aware of all living creatures and objects touching the ground within a number of range bands equal to your Earth Ring plus your bonus successes.

Glory/Honor gained/lost

Experience gained
8 xp - session 1-7
2 xp - session 9
2 xp - session 10
4 xp - session 11 (Act 1)
1 xp - session 12
1 xp - session 13
2 xp - session 14
2 xp - session 15
2 xp - session 16
0 xp - session 17
5 xp - session 18 (Act 2)
3 xp - s19 (Act 2b)
1 xp - s20
2 xp - s21
2 xp - s22
2 xp - s23
2 xp - s24
3 xp - s25
2 xp - s26
1 xp - s27
2 xp - s28
0 xp - s29
5 xp - s30 (Act 3)
1 xp - s31
2 xp - s32
1 xp - s33
2 xp - s34
1 xp - s35
2 xp - s36
2 xp - s37
4 xp - s38
Experience used
2 xp - Martial Arts [Unarmed] R1: 2 xp
2 xp - Courtesy R1: 2 xp
4 xp - Martial Arts [Melee] R1: 2 xp
4 xp - Martial Arts [Unarmed] R1: 4 xp
2 xp - Culture R1: 2 xp
2 xp - Sentiment R1: 2 xp
6 xp - Martial Arts [Unarmed] R1: 6 xp
9 xp - Void Ring 2->3 R2: 5 xp
12 xp - Earth Ring 3->4 R2: 6 xp
Experience per Curriculum
  • R1 - School Rank 1: 20/20
  • R2 - School Rank 2: 11/24
  • R3 - School Rank 3: 0/32
  • R4 - School Rank 4: 0/44
  • R5 - School Rank 5: 0/60
  • EM - Emerald Magistrate Title: 0/30
Experience totals
Total XP Gained: 69 xp
Total XP Used: 43 xp
XP left: 26 xp
  • Togashi Kaie, Senior student who he was in love with
  • Togashi Tadakatsu, Mentor
  • Togashi Yokuni, Dragon Clan Champion (also Lord?)
  • Doji Ren, Crane Clan Courtier (Mark)
  • Isawa Aki, Phoenix Clan Shugenja (Matthijs)
  • Togashi Yoshi, Dragon Clan Tatooed Monk (Ferry)
  • Shinjo Takuya, Unicorn Clan Bushi (Marcel)
  • Bayushi Kyo, Scorption Clan Courtier (Jeroen)
Weapon/Armor properties (relevant parts):
  • Mundane: Wearing a Mundane item openly has no additional effects, though onlookers still take note of the fact that you are armed if the item could be used as a weapon.
  • Snaring: When performing an Attack action with a Snaring weapon, you may spend as follows:
    +: One target of the attack with vigilance lower than or equal to the spent this way suffers the Immobilized condition.

Conditions (relevant parts):
  • Prone
    Effects: A Prone character can move a maximum of 1 range band during their turn. At the GM’s discretion, a Prone character is harder to spot at a distance or hit with ranged attack checks (increasing relevant TNs by 1).
    Removed When: At the end of their turn, if the character did not perform a Movement action, they may remove the Prone condition.
  • Immobolized
    Effects: An Immobilized character cannot perform Movement actions or otherwise reposition themself during their turn, and they cannot select a different stance during their turn.
    Removed When: At the end of their turn, if the character did not perform a Movement action this turn, they remove the Immobilized condition.
  • Emerald Magistrate
More Notes

The Game of Twenty Questions

  1. What clan does your character belong to?
    Dragon Clan
    +1 Fire Ring, +1 Meditation
  2. What family does your character belong to?
    The Togashi Order
    +1 Earth Ring, +1 Void Ring, +1 Fitness, +1 Theology
  3. What is your character’s school, and what roles does that school fall into?
    Togashi Tattooed Order
    +1 Earth Ring, +1 Void Ring, +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts [Melee], +1 Martial Arts [Unarmed], +1 Meditation, +1 Survival, +1 Theology
    Kihō: Earthen Fist, Earth Needs No Eyes, Flame Fist, Ki Protection, Water Fist, Shūji: Lord Togashi’s Insight
    Way of the Earthquake (from Tattoo)
  4. How does your character stand out within their school?
    Adaptability, friendliness, or awareness. Your character’s willingness to roll with the punches, gregariousness, or understanding of their environment stands out among their peers. Your character tends not to get stuck in mental ruts the same way many people do, or at least they have ways to get out of them
    +1 Water
  5. Who is your lord and what is your character's duty to them?

    Giri: Have very close bonds with his family
  6. What does your character long for, and how might this impede their duty?

    Ninjō: Become a spiritual advisor to his clan
  7. What is your character’s relationship with their clan?
    Your character believes firmly in the precepts of their clan and the values it holds dear, gain +5 glory based on their reputation as an upstanding member of their community
    +5 Glory
  8. What does your character think of Bushidō?
    If your character’s belief in living by an orthodox interpretation of Bushidō is very staunch, gain +10 honor
    +10 Honor
  9. What is your character’s greatest accomplishment so far?

    Distinction: Keen Sight
  10. What holds your character back the most in life?

    Adversity: Whispers of Poverty
  11. What activity most makes your character feel at peace?

    Passion: Enlightenment
  12. What concern, fear, or foible troubles your character the most?

    Anxiety: Softheartedness
  13. Who has your character learned the most from during their life?

    Distinction: Ebisu’s Blessing (Earth)
  14. What do people notice first upon encountering your character?
    Dragon tattoo on chest.
  15. How does your character react to stressful situations?
    Unseemly weeping
  16. What are your character’s preexisting relationships with other clans, families, organizations, and traditions?
    choose one item of rarity 7 or lower that your character received as a gift from one such group, took in battle fighting against them, or that otherwise relates to or symbolizes the character’s past and ongoing relationship with them. Add this item to your starting outfit
  17. How would your character’s parents describe them?
    Can't remember his parents, was surrendered to the Togashi Order as a young child. Learned to survive because of that.
    +1 Survival
  18. Who was your character named to honor?
    roll d10
    One of your ancestors was instrumental in the rise of a powerful lord, using cunning stratagems and shrewd advice to secure their ascension. You have heard this story many times and know the importance of power subtly wielded
    Dynasty Builder: +1 Games, -3 glory
  19. What is your character’s personal name?

  20. How should your character die?

Background story

See 20 questions