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Doji Ren

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Doji Diplomat
Become the Emerald Champion
Build rapport with rulers all over Rokugan to build a network for my Lord
Void Points
Artisan Skills
Refine Restore Invent Adapt Attune
Martial Skills
Martial Arts [Melee]
Martial Arts [Ranged]
Martial Arts [Unarmed]
Feint Withstand Overwhelm Shift Sacrifice
Scholar Skills
Analyze Recall Theorize Survey Sense
Social Skills
Trick Reason Incite Charm Enlighten
Trade Skills
Con Produce Innovate Exchange Subsist
Personality, Habits and Quirks
Unmasking: lashing out with fiery eyes.
Koku: 7
Calligraphy set
Traveling pack, Traveling Clothes
Katana, Wakizashi, Yumi, Blowgun, Club
Tea Set (Portable)
Katana 4 5* 1 Ceremonial, Razor-Edged
Wakizashi 3 5* 0-1 Ceremonial, Razor-Edged
Yumi (bow) 5 3 2-5
Blowgun 1 2 2-3 Concealable
Club 5 2 0-1 Mundane
* when using 2-handed Deadliness is 7
Ceremonial clothes Physical 1 Ceremonial, Resplendent
Traveling Clothes Physical 2 Durable, Mundane, Subtle
Technique Types Available
Kata, Rituals and Shūji
Activation: When you make a Social skill (Air) check, you may spend in the following ways:
Air : Convey a secret message that alters the meaning of what you are saying outwardly (or has nothing to do with it at all) to one character observing you who possesses this technique.
Air : Convey a secret message that alters the meaning of what you are saying outwardly (or has nothing to do with it at all) to one character observing you who does not possess this technique.
Lady Doji's Decree
Activation: Once per game session as an action, you may make a Courtesy (Void) check targeting a number of characters up to your school rank. The TN of this check is equal to the vigilance of the character with the highest status among your targets.
Effects: If you succeed, your targets cannot perform Attack actions targeting you. This effect persists for one round, plus additional rounds equal to your bonus successes, or until you perform an Attack action.

New Opportunities
Void +: Choose one additional target with status lower than your first target per spent this way.
Void : Your targets also cannot perform Scheme actions targeting you.
Whispers of Court
Activation: As a Scheme action, you may make a Courtesy (Air) check targeting each character in the scene. The TN of this check is equal to the lowest vigilance among your targets.
Effects: If you succeed, you create a rumor that sweeps across the room like a storm. Everyone in the scene hears it, and characters with vigilance lower than your bonus successes even come to give it some credence. If spreading a rumor is your social objective in an intrigue, you score rhetorical points equal to your Air Ring plus your bonus successes.
New Opportunities
Air : Learn one other rumor that is spreading in the current scene.
Civility Foremost
Activation: As a Scheme action, you may make a Command or Courtesy (Earth) check targeting one character to claim protection for an individual of your choice by rights of honor. The TN of the check is equal to the target’s vigilance.
Effects: If you succeed, the target must forfeit honor equal to your Earth Ring plus your bonus successes and suffer that much strife to perform an Attack or Scheme action targeting the chosen individual. This effect persists until the end of the scene, or until the target performs an Attack or Scheme action.
New Opportunities
Earth +: Choose one additional target with vigilance lower than or equal to your first target’s vigilance per spent this way.
Iaijutsu Cut: Crossing Blade
Activation: As an Attack and Movement action using one sheathed Razor-Edged weapon, you may make a TN 2 Martial Arts [Melee] check targeting one character at range 1–2.
Effects: You draw and ready the sheathed weapon in a one-handed grip. If you succeed, you deal physical damage to the target equal to the weapon’s deadliness plus your bonus successes.
New Opportunities
: Ready one other sheathed Razor-Edged weapon
Tea Ceremony
Activation: Once per game session, as a downtime activity using a tea set, you may make a TN 2 Performance (Void) check targeting yourself and a number of other characters up to your ranks in Culture, who are also participants. Up to one other participant may assist, providing the usual benefits (see Assistance on page 26).
Effects: Each target removes 3 strife, plus additional strife equal to your bonus successes.
New Opportunities
: Reduce the TN of each target’s next check by 1.
+: Each target removes 1 fatigue, plus 1 fatigue per spent this way
: If you succeed, each target gains 1 Void point.
Speaking in Silence
Once per scene when making a check to persuade or influence someone, you may add a number of kept set to a results equal to your school rank.
Emerald Magistrate
Voice of Authority
Once per game session when making a Scheme or Support action check using a Social skill, you may choose additional targets equal to your Glory rank. You cannot choose any additional target with vigilance higher than the highest among your initial targets.

Glory/Honor gained/lost
+4 Glory - being invited to the Topaz Tournament
+4 Glory - Event wins during Topaz Tournament
-2 Honor - Unmasking during Topaz Tournament
-1 Honor, +3 Glory - Aki sleepover
+1 Glory - Ronin fight
+3 Glory - Rescuing the merchants
+2 Glory - Meeting with Doji Hotaru
-1 Glory - Acknowledge Harbor master: Kasuga Nagato
+1 Honor - Face the force majeure at the docks
+4 Glory - Meeting with Otomo Saneda
+6 Honor - Rescuing villagers
+6 Honor - Go against Toturi
+3 Honor - Report at the Dragons
+6 Glory - Defeat an Oni in a group
+4 Glory - Get invited to the Winter Court
+2 Glory - Lady Riyoku's inviotation
+5 Status - Story arc
+2 Glory - Present ...
+6 Glory - 2nd place at the poetry competition
XP gained
11 xp - session 1-7, logging
7.5 xp - session 8-10, logging
4.5 xp - session 11/Act I, log
11 xp - session 12-17, logging
5.5 xp - session 18/Act II, log
3.5 xp - session 19, log
1.5 xp - session 20, log
2.5 xp - session 21, log
2.5 xp - session 22, log
2.5 xp - session 23, log
2.5 xp - session 24, log
3.5 xp - session 25, log
2.5 xp - session 26, log
1.5 xp - session 27, log
2.5 xp - session 28, log
0.5 xp - session 29, log
4.5 xp - session 30, log
1.5 xp - session 31, log
2 xp - session 32
2.5 xp - session 34, log
1.5 xp - session 35, log
2.5 xp - session 36, log
4.5 xp - session 38, log
1.5 xp - session 39, log
1.5 xp - session 40, log
2.5 xp - session 42, log
2 xp - session 43
2 xp - session 44
2.5 xp - session 45
2.5 xp - session 46
1.5 xp - session 47
XP used
2 xp - Skill: Performance 0 -> 1 R1: 2 xp
4 xp - Skill: Culture 1 -> 2 R1: 4 xp
3 xp - Technique: Tea Ceremony R1: 3 xp
9 xp - Ring: Void 2 -> 3 R1: 5 xp
3 xp - Technique: Civility Foremost R1: 3 xp
3 xp - Technique: Whispers of Court R1: 3 xp
6 xp - Ring: Earth 1 -> 2 R2: 3 xp
2 xp - Skill: Sentiment 0 -> 1 R2: 2 xp
6 xp - Skill: Command 0 -> 1 -> 2 R2: 6 xp
2 xp - Skill: Martial Arts [Melee] 0 -> 1 EM: 2 xp
2 xp - Skill: Fitness 0 -> 1 EM: 2 xp
4 xp - Skill: Performance 1 -> 2 EM: 4 xp
12 xp - Ring: Air 3 -> 4 EM: 6 xp
9 xp - Ring: Earth 2 -> 3 EM: 5 xp
4 xp - Skill: Martial Arts [Melee] 1 -> 2 EM: 4 xp
3 xp - Technique: Iaijutsu Cut: Crossing Blade EM: 3 xp
4 xp - Skill: Skullduggery 1 -> 2 EM: 4 xp
6 xp - Skill: Courtesy 2 -> 3 R2: 6 xp
6 xp - Skill: Composition 2 -> 3 R2: 3 xp
4 xp - Skill: Sentiment 1 -> 2 R2: 4 xp
6 xp - Skill: Performance 2 -> 3 R3: 6 xp
XP totals
Total XP Gained: 100 xp
Total XP Used: 100 xp
XP left: 0 xp
Experience per Curriculum
  • R1 - School Rank 1: 20/20
  • R2 - School Rank 2: 24/24
  • R3 - School Rank 3: 6/32
  • R4 - School Rank 4: 0/44
  • R5 - School Rank 5: 0/60
  • EM - Emerald Magistrate Title: 30/30
Experience totals
Total XP Gained: 100 xp
Total XP Used: 100 xp
XP left: 0 xp
  • Doji Yukimori, Doji Ren's Lord
  • Doji Kiyotaka, Personal mentor, Doji Diplomat School
  • Bayushi Umiko, Her fiancee from te Scorpion Clan
  • Kiji Sutanpā, Attendant
  • Akodo Yumako, Lion Clan Bushi (Xavier)
  • Isawa Aki, Phoenix Clan Shugenja (Matthijs)
  • Togashi Yoshi, Dragon Clan Tatooed Monk (Ferry)
  • Hiruma Tichuki, Crab Clan Bushi (Marcel)
  • Bayushi Kyo, Scorption Clan Courtier (Jeroen)
Dangerous allure (fire)
Types: Physical, Interpersonal
Effects: You always make an impression, and NPCs remember your name and face after interacting with you for one or more scenes (unless you take pains to disguise yourself).
  • When performing a check for which your good looks are a benefit, you may reroll up to two dice.
(such as a Command [Fire] check to get someone to act in spite of the possible consequences or a Performance [Fire] check to incite emotion in someone)
Support of the Otomo Family (water)
Types: Interpersonal
Effects: The following apply to a character with the Support of Otomo Family distinction:
  • You have proven yourself to a particular group, which is willing to help you when doing so will not damage its reputation. Its members will offer you their hospitality, including meals, a place to rest, and medical attention if they have a healer. They will also grant you access to their other facilities, such as libraries, smithies, or stables. Confer with the GM to select a campaign-appropriate group when choosing this advantage.
  • When performing a check to interact with the members of the chosen group that relies on your rapport (such as a Command [Water] check to issue them orders or a Performance [Water] check to cause an audience of them to desire something), you may reroll up to two dice.
Famously honest (air)
Types: Fame, Interpersonal
Effects: The following apply to a character with the Famously Honest distinction:
  • Other people have heard of you for your honesty, and they believe you by default unless given evidence to the contrary.
  • When performing a check for which you can leverage your reputation for telling the truth (such as a Command [Air] check to convince someone of a statement’s veracity, or a Commerce [Air] check to sell an item at an inflated price), you may reroll up to two dice.
Gossip (Air)
Types: Interpersonal
Effects: At the start of each scene, you can always identify the character present who will know the juiciest rumors (besides yourself, obviously).
  • After performing a check to spread or receive rumors, you remove 3 strife.
(such as a Courtesy [Air] check to cast someone in a certain light when telling a story about them or a Culture [Air] check to read people’s current anxieties from the subtle ways they obey or break etiquette)
Provocation (Fire)
Types: Interpersonal
Effects: You can always identify a point of sensitivity that you can push upon in another person— though not whether they will take your comment as slightly aggressive banter or a grave insult.
  • After performing a check to get a rise out of someone, you remove 3 strife.
(such as a Courtesy [Fire] check to call someone by an aggravating nickname or a Command [Fire] check to get a group of soldiers passionate and angry enough to storm an enemy position)
Fukurokujin’s Curse (Fire)
Types: Mental, Spiritual
Effects:It takes you twice as long to gain a grasp of an academic field of study as it does another character.
  • When you make a check to extrapolate how to do something in a field of study you must choose and reroll two dice containing or . After resolving the check, if you failed, you gain 1 Void point.
(such as a Medicine [Fire] check to guess how to treat an unfamiliar aliment based on its symptoms or a Survival [Fire] check to guess an unknown creature’s qualities based on its physiology)
Jealousy (Air)
Types: Physical, Mental
Effects: You cannot voluntarily pass up an opportunity to one-up a rival or demonstrate your superiority over someone in the eyes of others.
  • After performing a check to compete with someone to demonstrate your excellence , you receive 3 strife. If this is the first time this has occurred this scene, gain 1 Void point.
(such as a Performance [Air] check to convince an audience of something before a rival can or a Smithing [Air] check to refine a weapon to perfection before presenting it as a gift to your lord)
Rank 3 - Doji Diplomat School:
  • Artisan Skills
  • Courtesy
  • Games
  • Performance
  • Rank 1–3 Earth Shūji
  • Regal Bearing
  • Ebb and Flow

The Game of Twenty Questions

  1. What clan does your character belong to?
    Crane Clan
    +1 Air Ring, +1 Culture, 35 Status
  2. What family does your character belong to?
    The Doji Family
    +1 Air Ring, +1 Courtesy, +1 Design, 44 Glory
  3. What is your character’s school, and what roles does that school fall into?
    Doji Diplomat School
    +1 Water Ring, +1 Air Ring -> Void Ring, +1 Composition, +1 Courtesy, +1 Culture, +1 Martial Arts [Ranged], +1 Government, Shūji: Cadence, Lady Doji's Decree, Speaking in Silence, Ceremonial clothes, Wakisazhi, Yumi (bow), Calligraphy set, Travelling pack, Attendent, 50 honor
  4. How does your character stand out within their school?
    Creativity, passion, or drive. Your character is recognized by their teachers and peers for their inventive ideas, their sincere love for the craft of their school, or their intense and irrepressible desire to succeed in their field. Their energy and enthusiasm inspire fellow students and galvanize rivals to put forth their best as well.
    +1 Fire Ring
  5. Who is your lord and what is your character's duty to them?
    Doji Ren's Lord, Doji Yukimori, wants to increase the Doji influence into broader territories than just the Crane area. So Doji Ren is tasked building a network with various rulers of Rokugan
    Giri: Build rapport with rulers all over Rokugan to build a network for my Lord.
  6. What does your character long for, and how might this impede their duty?
    Doji Ren wants to prove that she's the best Samurai in whole of Rokugan. "Backstabbing" and tricking her way up to the highest reachable position of Emerald Champion. It will be a long way of backdoor politics, performing backstage courtesy.
    Ninjō: Become Emerald Champion
  7. What is your character’s relationship with their clan?
    We are the greatest in elegance and grace. Nobody can reach the pinnacle the Crane holds, but Crane Clan members.
    +5 Glory
  8. What does your character think of Bushidō?
    I don\t accept nor respect my place. I am and will be better than everyone else!
    +1 Skullduggery
  9. What is your character’s greatest accomplishment so far?
    Even though this was never openly acknowledged to me, I was the best of my year of the Doji Diplomat School, earning a place in the Topaz Championship. Arranging my own arranged marriage with a Scorpion, by manipulating my parents.
    Distinction: Dangerous allure (Fire)
  10. What holds your character back the most in life?
    My insecurity, constantly being told I wasn't good enough, not working hard enough, even though I know how everything workds, I double and triple check before being convinced I'm done..
    Adversity: Fukurokujin’s Curse (Fire)
  11. What activity most makes your character feel at peace?
    Parties where I could just be myself, not having to worry about being judged or graded like in school. Gossiping about the other school students who were treated so much better than I was.
    Passion: Gossip (Air)
  12. What concern, fear, or foible troubles your character the most?
    Jealousy towards the other scholars of the Doji Diplomat school who did get told they did well. Worrying about being late to the party.
    Anxiety: Jealousy (Air)
  13. Who has your character learned the most from during their life?
    My personal mentor from the Doji Diplomat school, Doji Kiyotaka, for whom I was never good enough. Even when getting the highest grade he always looked down on my accomplishments, pushing me to work harder and do even better. This resulted in a lot of heated debates.
    Passion: Provocation (Fire)
  14. What do people notice first upon encountering your character?
    My striking natural beauty.
    A beautiful form-fitting Kimono
  15. How does your character react to stressful situations?
    When respectable people doubt me, or my actions, I become really agitated, my eyes burning with fire, lashing out.
    Unmasking: lashing out with fiery eyes.
  16. What are your character’s preexisting relationships with other clans, families, organizations, and traditions?
    My fiancee, Bayushi Umiko, with whom I feel in love, and managed to arrange my own arranged marriage with. I love the Scorpion Clan for their ways in the court. Umiko gave me a blowgun as a gift I could carry with me at all times, to protect my against adversaries.
    Blowgun with poison darts
  17. How would your character’s parents describe them?
    As they were always busy trying to make ends meet by trading, that was everything they could ever talk about. And as my mentor always told me I wasn't good enough, I wouldn;t talk about my accomplishments at school to them. Thus the only subject at the dinner table was always trade and commerce, never bothering about my personal feelings.
    +1 Commerce
  18. Who was your character named to honor?
    D10: 3, 5 - Doji Rena,
    +5 Glory, +1 Composition
  19. What is your character’s personal name?
    Meaning treasure
  20. How should your character die?
    Murdered by someone I did wrong while working towards my Ninjō

Background story

See 20 questions