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Name:Thrur Alecasket
Druidic Circle:Circle of the Moon
Race:Mountain Dwarf
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Weight:94 kg


Ability Scores

Strength:14+2+6 (7 points)
Dexterity:12+1+4 (4 points)
Constitution:16+3+7 (9 points), +1 race
Wisdom:16+3+6 (7 points), +1 class, +1 race

Other Stats

Hit Points:308 + 3(con) + 1(feat) 2 * (5 + 3(con)+1(feat))
Hit Dice:3d8(3 * d8 (Druid))
Armor Class:16(Hide Armor: 12 + Shield + Dex + Racial Armor Bonus)
Attack Bonus:+0(Druid level 3)
Spellcasting Bonus:+1(Druid level 3)
Wild Shapes2 + 1 (Circle)

Racial Abilities

  • Darkvision
    You treat darkness within 60 feet as dim light. When you do so, your vision is black and white.
  • Dwarven Resilience
    You have advantage on saving throws against poison and you have resistance against poison damage.
  • Stonecunning
    While you are underground, you have advantage on all Wisdom checks to listen and spot and you roughly know your depth beneath the surface.
    You also know the approximate age and origin of worked stone you inspect.

Class Abilities

  • Spellcasting
    Spell slots: 4/2
    Spell Preparation: 4 spells
  • Druid Lore
    You have advantage on Intelligence checks to recall natural lore
  • Circle of the Moon
    Beast Soul: When you use your action to revert to you normal shape after using your Wild Shape, you regain a number of hit points equal to your level.
  • Wild Shapes
    Hound, Rodent, Bear, Great Cat
  • Woodland Stride
    Nonmagical shrubs and other undergrowth cannot impede your movement or damage you. Also you have advantage on saving throws against plants that are magically created or manipulated to impede movement such as the vines created by the entangle spell.


  • Warhammer
    Attack: +2 (Str)
    Damage: 1d8 + 2
    Type: Bludgeoning
  • Spear
    Attack: +2 (Str)
    Damage: 1d6 + 2 / 1d8+2 (2H)
    Range: 20/60
    Type: Piercing


Bonus: +d6
  • Administer First Aid (Wis)
  • Handle an Animal (Wis)
  • Jump (Str)
  • Spot (Wis)


  • Durable
    You are uncommonly tough.
    Benefit: Whenever you roll a die to regain hit points by spending a Hit Die, you can roll twice and use the higher roll.
  • Toughness
    You are remarkable durable and can stand up to punishment that would send other people to death's door.
    Benefit:You gain extra hit points equal to your level when you take this feat. For each level you gain after taking this feat, you gain 1 extra hit point.


  • Hide Armor AC 12
  • Wooden Shield +2 AC
  • Spear
  • Warhammer
  • Belt Pouch containing:



  • To be continued...

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