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'Arvey McChumbucket

Name: 'Arvey McChumbucket (Originally Harvey McSheah)


'Arvey is your typical Irish bartype and proud of it. His motto in life is 'Don't bother me or prepare to be bothered'. He is well known throughout Plymouth for running a questionable, yet seemingly legitamate drinking establishment called The Ol' Chumbucket. 'Arvey has had a number of jobs, but most of them had something to do with the preparation and selling of food or booze. He's fond of two things: money and booze, and will set what little principles he has aside very easily to get his hand on either. At the promise of loot, he will gladly leave his bar for weeks at a time to go out to sea. At such times, the place is being run by 'Arvey's 17 year old son Marvin (who has the build of a professional wrestler and is therefor able to keep things under control despite his age) and the wenches. Although he is mostly enlisted as the cook, he knows his way around most of the ship.
Marvin is the most determined Landlubber you can find. He has never set foot on a ship and is inclined to keep it that way.

Character Type: White Hat
Life Points: 38 + 4×3 (Hard To Kill 4) = 50
Drama Points: 20

Attributes (15):

Strength 4
Dexterity 1
Constitution 3
Intelligence 1
Perception 4
Willpower 2

Qualities (12):

Slept with the Fishes 1
Contacts 2
Hard to Kill 4
Larger Than Life 1
Nerves of Steel 3
Resources 1 (Middle Class)

Drawbacks (8):

Addiction (Heavy Drinking) 2
Covetous (Greed) 2 (Serious)
Secret 2
Dependent 2 (Son)

Skills (15+6):

Art 0
Athletics 0
Bargain 5
Brawling 2
Crafts 0
Crime 2
Doctor 0
Flintlock Fu 2
Getting Nautical 2
Influence 1
Knowledge 0
Languages 0
Notice 2
Occultism 0
Riding 0
Survival 0
Swashbuckling 1
Wild Card 4 (Cooking)

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