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Name: Elena Kashtari


The now-twenty-year old Elena was born in a wealthy Romani family in the city of Paris, France. Her father was an important leader of the local gypsies, while her mother was well known for her knowledge of the occult. It is she who taught Elena the basic principles.

She lived a happy live in the city of Paris, where her family provided her with a good education. But on her 16th birthday her father decided the time had come for her to get married. He had already found a rather dull Romani boy (but from a very good family) for her.
Yet Elena, who truly believes in True Love, this was not the future she was hoping for. So instead of marrying the boy, she quickly collected her clothes and fled her family, searching for a better future. When she fled she also took some of her mother's best books on the occult.

She immediately fled to Laramie, the son of a French marquis, who she had been seeing for the last few months and whom she was truly in love with.
Her arrival at his house was not as she had planned. She found out that Laramie was appointed captain of his own ship and had left Paris. Quickly she traveled after him to the harbors where she found his ship, where she sneaked on board so she could be with her love for ever.

After they set sail, Laramie was not pleased at all when he found her on board. He was rude to her and let her do all sorts of dirty work on board the ship. Then he put her on land at the first decent opportunity they stopped: the settlement of Plymouth. She knows that he does not want her and that they can never have a future together. But at the same time she still has hopes he will come back for her one day, apologizing for his behaviour and taking her with him for a romantic wedding.

Now Elena lives in Plymouth for nearly four years. She lives in a small apartment at the outskirts of town and makes a small but decent living by reading fortune to the costumers of The Ol' Chumbucket. She found a good friend in Ralph, an 19 year old son from a reasonable wealthty merchant family. She met him at the market, where he sells goods for his family. He can be found there almost every day.

Character Type: White Hat
Life Points: 18
Drama Points: 20

Attributes (15):

Strength 1
Dexterity 3
Constitution 1
Intelligence 2
Perception 3
Willpower 5

Qualities (10+2):

Acute Sense (Sight) 2
Attractiveness +3 2 (model-good looks)
Contact 2 (Offering a ride, spend the night over, background check)
Occult Library 2 (Good)
Sorcery 1 3

Drawbacks (8):

Love 4 (Tragic)
Minority 1 (Gypsy)
Resources -1 1 (Below Average)
Showoff 2

Skills (15+6):

Art 0
Athletics 1
Bargain 4
Brawling 1
Crafts 0
Crime 3
Doctor 0
Flintlock Fu 0
Getting Nautical 0
Influence 3
Knowledge 2
Languages 1
Notice 2
Occultism 4
Riding 0
Survival 0
Swashbuckling 0
Wild Card 0

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