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Name: Jimmy "Bo'sun" Stabb


Grown up as a slave on a sugar plantation (owned by the governor, Baron d'Antioch) in Jamaica, Jimmy had not much time for either education or play. Working all day on the plantation he grew strong, both physical and mental. His mother taught him what he needed to know, and his grandma even more - she introduced him in the secret ways of voodoo.
At the age of seventeen, he attracted the attention of the governors daughter, Anna. Although their love was forbidden, they spend many nights in each others arms. Sadly, the inevitable occurred: her father learned of their liaison. Jimmy had to flee for his live, and Anna - pregnant with his kid - fled with him. The governor was outraged, and eventually traced them down. In the ensuing fight Anna was killed, but Jimmy slayed his attackers and fled the island on a pirate brig, the "Blood Red Banner". Apparently, the governor has vowed to kill his former slave and avenge his family's honor.
After some years on the brig, his strength and natural leadership as a boatswain (aka Bo'sun, and he réally prefers to be called by that name.). After many years of buccaneering and generally having a good time, fortune again took side against him. The Blood Red Banner was discovered at night by a Spanish Flag Galleon, and with all men either drinking or already drunk, they were no match for the guns of the mighty galleon. The Blood Red Banner was sunk with all hands. Somehow Jimmy survived though. How is still a mystery, but he still has a strange blue-greenish shimmering on his body. After the debacle he ended up in Plymouth, flat broke and longing for the sea. He now spends his days drinking in a questionable, yet seemingly legitamate drinking establishment run by Mr. Mc Chumbucket.

Character Type: White Hat
Life Points: 44
Drama Points: 20

Attributes (15):

Strength 5
Dexterity 1
Constitution 2
Intelligence 1
Perception 3
Willpower 3

Qualities (10+3):

Hard to Kill 2
Impressive Scar 2
Married to the Sea 2
Nerves of Steel 3
Slept with the Fishes 1
Sorcery 1 3

Drawbacks (10):

Adversary 3 (Baron d'Antioch)
Reckless 2
Recurring Nightmare 1
Love 4 (Tragic)

Skills (15+7):

Art 0
Athletics 0
Bargain 0
Brawling 5
Crafts 0
Crime 0
Doctor 0
Flintlock Fu 0
Getting Nautical 4
Influence 3
Knowledge 0
Languages 0
Notice 0
Occultism 4
Riding 0
Survival 3
Swashbuckling 3
Wild Card 0

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