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James Yorkshire

Name: James Yorkshire


James was born in London, but his parents intended to immigrate to Plymouth when he was six years old. During the trip their ship was intercepted by pirates that killed his parents, his sister and his twin brother. He was rescued by an English Man-O-War which brought him to his uncle Matthew Barton, a merchant in Plymouth. The loss of his family had a great impact on James, and became the basis of his hate for piratecy. James went back to London to go to law school, but returned short after his study to Plymouth to become a local politician with justice as his main priority.
Although James is quite an atractive and succesfull young man, his obsession to hunt down every pirate in the caribbean and his rather stiff personality makes it impossible for him ingage in any relationship. He has many plans, currently he is making plans for a military unit to infiltrate the pirate world. He is ambitious to become gouvernor, so he is very determined that his plan succedes.

Character Type: White Hat
Life Points: 31 (22+9)
Drama Points: 20

Attributes (15):

Strength 1
Dexterity 4
Constitution 2
Intelligence 6
Perception 3
Willpower 1

Qualities (10+4):

Attractiveness +2 2 (Stands out in the crowd)
Fast Reaction Time 2 (+5 on Initiative Rolls, +1 on Willpower against Fear)
Hard to Kill 3 (+9 on Life Points)
Resources 2
Scholar 3 (+1 on 2 Mental Attributes, +2 on Knowledge or Science skill, -1 on social situation roll)
Totall Recall 2

Drawbacks (10):

Covetous (Ambitious) 1 (Mild)
Emotional Problems 2 (Depression)
Humorless 1
Mental Problems (Cruelty) 1 (Mild)
Secret 2
Zealot 3

Skills (15+6+2):

Art 0
Athletics 0
Bargain 2
Brawling 0
Crafts 0
Crime 2
Doctor 0
Flintlock Fu 2
Getting Nautical 0
Influence 4
Knowledge 4
Languages 2
Notice 0
Occultism 0
Riding 2
Survival 0
Swashbuckling 2
Wild Card 3 (Lawyer)

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