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Session 1 (B'redaru)

Played on December 3, 2006

Flann's Crossing, Vlirii 30, 863

It was a beautiful evening on the day before the festivities. Tomorrow it would be Bloomfest and the last day before everyone had to go back to work on the lands.
It was always easy for us dwarves to become companions in a world of other races when there was good ale to be had. And that it was, simple, not really strong enough, but simple good ale to please a dwarf and get him through the night. Tomorrow would be time for festivities and competitions and something more was hanging in there air, B'redaru just couldn't say what it was. He had entered two competitions and was just enjoying the night before Bloomfest with his recently new found friends and comrads. Four dwarves and a halfling but the halflinh was doing his own stuff again, probably tying someone's shoelaces or something else equally silly, but most of the times it brought a smile on B'redaru's face, funny little man, that halfling. The evening passed with no real events worth mentioning and quite some ale. If only that female bard would just stop singing about us, we are no heroes or some such, we just do what we have to do and we are good at it.

Flann's Crossing, Bloomfest, 863

An early riser to prepare for a most glorious day. B'redaru would be combatting and drinking through this day, he did not care about winning anything, he was just here for the conversations with anyone and everyone. The day started of with a smile as I found the left arm of my steamarmor pointing with his left finger up my helmet as if it was picking its nose.
We've had the most boring combat today, I guess me and Surtur shouldnt have entered the battle spree. Our styles simply are too boring, thought Surtur has some pretty darn beautiful fireworks in his range of spells. I have no idea who won the target competitions, I wasn't really watching or anything, lots of interesting people to speak to actually. Just lost my conversation once, when that silly Surtur blew up the whole target and about almost everything else near there but the gnome who was crawling around with the target. Lucky little one, or just protected by the extra blessings of this special day.
I don't think I should have entered the drinking contest, but hey I didn't know it was between fights and that I would still have to fight after that. I had some pretty darn good conversations with a gnome about his steamcreations, too bad he was lying under the table after his fourth mug of ale. I came pretty far in the contest, but after a while there just wasn't anyone to talk to anymore, they were all either delivering their meals in the outhouses or lying under the tables. Only one left and she didn't really want to talk, nice little dwarven female, but she easily drank me under the table. Maybe she is a better conversationalist when I aint passed out myself.
After that they did something to me to make me kind of sober, but I wasn't really feeling fine, I really wasn't into fighting anymore and would have gladly snored my way into the day, but they wanted me on the field again, and who am I to disappoint them? The fight between me and Surtu was pretty boring. He tried every spell he had on me, but Yisha was blessing me with some really nice healing powers today and I Just waited for him to finish and I hit him on the head a few times after that, that did the trick. He is pretty strong, but no match for Yisha's steamplate armor that protects me.

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