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Session 3 (Lilsy)

Played on December 17, 2006
Yay! Swamp!

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 1, 863

Today we FINALLY reached the swamp. It was amazing. All kinds of puddles to splash around in and you could sog your boots into the ground wonderfully. I ran in front of the group to investigate all the exciting things of the group first and I hardly splashed any mud on the others! Urdos seemed a bit slow though, he stopped to look at the ground all the time even if I had already look at it! Sheesh! Urdos's doggy slowly start to turn into some mud monsters with all this mud in his fur. He looks silly! Inspired, I cover myself with mud to give the others a scare. Great fun! (Okay, I might have accidentally tripped and fell into the swamp, but let's not tell anyone.) Luckily it was very sunny and before the afternoon was over I was covered by a nice stinking layer of dry mud. Eeeeeeeeeew! I spent some time picking it off my clothes and seeing how far I could fling the clumps into the swamp. Others seemed to be worried about alerting horrible monsters, but I have not seen any monsters at all! After a time Urdos halted at a riverside and said we had to cross that. I think we could have easily jumped it, but Bredaru wanted to go around. Well, I guess it might be hard jumping around in this ten-ton armor of his. After a while we found a spot where the river was not so wide and I jumped over. Urdos and Bredaru waded through the water. Where's the fun in that? After that, it soon started to get dark and we quickly found a nice camping spot. After accidentally clipping my toenails while folding out my tent, I kept watch a little while all over the camp. After that, Surtur woke up from his nap and started his watch and I went to sleep in my tent.

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 2, 863

GOOOOOD MORNING! It is another fascinating day! We quickly pack up all our stuff and head on onto our adventurous mission into the amazing swamp. After a while Urdos finds a tree with all kinds of snapped branches and thinks it is one of the amazing swamp monsters! Yay! I quickly scout ahead and try to inspect all the trees for more monsters! I don't find any, but I do manage to scare everyone else by leaping out from behind a tree. While I'm scouting around we hear a frightful noise coming from up ahead. I tell the rest I'll sneak ahead an see what it is. After some time I see some kind of log in the water moving strangely. I thought I had hidden well, but it spots me anyhow and the thing coming at me seems to have 6 heads! I try to hide in the undergrowth and blind it by using my sunbuckle. Unfortunately when it is within range, the flash powder doesn't seem to work, maybe it has gotten wet or something. Uh-oh, not such a smart move, now the monster knows exactly where I am! I bravely fight the monster, but luckily the others had somehow found out that I was being attacked and came to my rescue. Bredaru managed to distract the monster. (I would be distracted too if I was being attacked by a mace-wielding steamkettle.) Urdos shot flaming arrows straight into some of his heads! Amazing! After the monster turned to Bredaru I found a spot in his skin which didn't seem to be well-covered by scales and stabbed it with my dagger. The monster gave out a load horrific scream and fell to his knees immediately! I had vanquished the amazingly horrible monster! Immediately I did a victory dance on its corpse. Bredaru did some amazing thing and made my wounds disappear. Surtur got all fascinated by the creatures heads and started to cut out its eyes! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! The beast smells horrible anyhow and now he wants to carry around his eyes. As we walk on, Surtur starts mumbling to himself and keeps staring at the eyes with weird look in his eyes. Are ALL wizards this weird? After some time the dusk sets in and we find a camping spot. I set up my tent, narrowly avoiding catching my ear on a fishing hook. I quickly crawl into my tent and immediately fall asleep.

Flann's Crossing, Kroz 3, 863

All of the sounds there is a high-pitches noise outside. "Come on people! I am trying to get some sleep here!" Some of the others wake up and are starting to have some discussion. As I can't get some sleep like this anyhow, I get up and I see all kinds of lights moving about the camp and sometimes around Surtur. Wow! That looks great! Urdos gets all upset about them and starts firing arrows at them. I guess he has too much arrows and wants to waste them all! While people are mucking about with the lights, dawn breaks and the lights disappear as if by magic. Grumpily we trudge on on our voyage as we all didn't get the sleep we want. Surtur still keeps playing with those stupid eyes. He says they're worth a lot of money. So we make this reasonably deal to split the money equally along everyone. Urdos doesn't want the money, so he lets his doggy eat one. Surtur seems very upset about that though. He even gets so upset he start cutting himself. "No, Surtur! Don't do it, you are still so young!" He keeps mumbling about blood. Doh! If you keep cutting yourself, you'll bleed allright!

As we see the tower in a distance, I forget all about eyes, lights, blood and run straight for it. This must be where the wizard lives! The tower seems to have a couple of high windows and doesn't seem to be completely finished. When I reach the tower, there seems to be a door on the other side of the tower, which doesn't seem to open, so I whip out my tools to see if I can work on the lock.

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