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Session 6 (B'redaru)

Played on January 21, 2007
What be this structure?

Under The Tower, Kroz 4, 863

I was woken up by the hand of Surtur over my mouth. Someone or something was entering the room. No time for armor preparation, this would have to be done without it. Luckily it was only a few orcs we had to take care off. After Surtur and Thror blocked the door with a table I had some time to quickly startup and put on my armor. It was crooked, but it would have to do. In that time Urdos had climbed over the table and apparently shot the orc cook and some more orcs. That dwarf sure has it in for those orcs, he is almost uncontrollable when orcs are around. If he was sure he would be able to kill them all by himself he would have probably been running around the complex without us. Some short skirmishes later we had rid ourselves of all orcs nearby and we were taking a quick break for our magic users to prepare their spells and for me to have a nice chat with Yisha to get me through the day.
We took our equipment and made out into the halls again, this place still had a lot of places to walk around in and we still had a wizard to find. After a while of walking through hallways we started to get a proper idea of how the complex was build. I could not be sure, I am not an expert, but I don't think this was built to be underground as it is now. The walls in the outer hallways were made of some sort of glass, of far better quality I had ever seen before. We could see the sand through it and even a worm underground now and then. One central dome with a stair going down and three towers on three equal distances from each other and the central dome. One being the wizard tower we came in through. What was left of the other towers we had no idea, as one stair leading up was caved in and the stairs of the other was leaking with a stream of water leaving no way up. The outer hallways were leading from tower to tower in a circle but always going downwards when walking counterclockwise. The lowest hallways of these had water running through them which went down a crack in the floor in one of the lowest floors of the towers. Every floor beneath the central dome had rooms and quarters. The first we already checked and the second we passed by as that was the most likely place to hold more orcs.
When we came to the third floor down we found it to be empty of orcs for now at least, one hallway led to firm doors with big locks, we left them for now and travelled forwards first, the next hall brought us to the cell area. I didn't hear it ofcourse, but my companions heard someone squirming inside one of the cells ahead of us. I guess we had to check it out, but the doors were larger than us and clearly not dwarf sized. Lilsy had to climb my armor to have the proper height to look inside the cells. The first two cells were empty, but the third held a small female creature according to Lilsy. Time to open up the cell and see who was in there.

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