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Session 7 (B'redaru)

Played on January 28, 2007
Orcs a plenty!

Under The Tower, Kroz 4, 863

Lilsy fluidly somersaulted from my shoulders and quickly started to work on the lock of the door. In no time at all the lock sprang open and Lilsy shoved open the door. After first starting in that silly piping halfling speak I interupted them to ask if she could also speak common so that we could get in to the conversation too. After giving her some food and water we quickly find out that she is Carolus' little helper. Orc's came from under the wizards tower and captured the little halfling. She has no idea where the wizard is and if he has been captured. Though she tells us what the orcs were saying and Thror was able to translate it to four words, them being 'keep the wizard alive'. So if he has been captured, at least we know he has a bigger chance of survival. I know not how powerful this wizard is and if he could have escaped capture, but then I would think he would come for his helper. So the wizard must be held in here somewhere too. We convince the little one to come with us as we are obviously the safest place to be for someone like her. She seems to be mostly interested in our food and her missing spellbook though.
A quick search of the rest of the cells shows us there is no one else alive in here and the bones we find are of older age than possible for being of the wizard. We still have one new hallway and the one we passed earlier, so we quickly move on to have a look at what the other places might bring us.
The first door of the third hallway is easily opened and holds a huge amount of Phlogiston in casks and all kinds of interesting tech parts. I refill my empty flasks and grab 4 casks, they hold only about 4 flasks worth of Phlogiston and are much bigger, but some extra supply is always good. If this happens to be the supplies of the wizard, I don't really think he'd mind supplying his rescuers a bit. As I start to move towards the door again, I hear some kind of roar in the hallway. What ever are they doing in the hallway now. As I move my face inside of the hall and take a look I hear Surtur saying it's a fake or something and when I look towards the right I see a dragon's head hanging just outside of the next door with Lilsy standing next to it. If it wasn't for Surtur saying it's a fake I might actually have thought it was a real dragon's head. Lilsy makes a stab for it and flies through the head with her little dagger. The head replies with taking a deep breath and breathing out a huge amount of fire filling the hallway, even though I knew it to be fake I blink my eyes and unwillingly move my head a bit backwards. But because Lilsy still things the head is real the fake fire erupts arounds her and she starts to run towards us, away from the head. Surtur moves through the head to show Lilsy it is fake, but it is no use as she's not looking back. A quick look around shows that Lilsy isn't the only halfling caught in the traps spell. Guess we need some help from Yisha to properly solve this problem. As Lilsy passes by Carolus' little helper I ask Yisha to create some water above their heads to wash away the imaginary flames around them. After being drenched Lilsy is easily convinced that the head is fake and we are to continue our search of these halls.
What is inside the room with the trap easily captures the interest of most of our group. It seems to be the treasury of this place. As I stand in the doorway to have a look what Surtur, Thror, Lilsy and our new little friend are finding in the room, Urdos checks out the rest of the hallway. Gold is gathered and some interesting magic items are found. Also a chest with an icon of Carolus on it, which we decide to leave behind for now as we know it's owner and he will probably want it back. The rest of the rooms in this hallway are all almost empty, still no sign of the wizard Carolus.
The last hallway only brings one interesting room too, it's an armory of some kind. Mostly bad quality larger than us sized weaponry. But we also find equipment that holds the emblem of Thror and Surtur's family. Even worse, even some of them has been made by Thror himself. I know not how this came to be here, but the signs on Thror's face are those of thunder. He will want to know what has happened and why these things are here for certain. These are bad omens indeed. Is this Yisha showing us that we are needed over there, I know not, I haven't had a proper sign of Yisha in quite a while telling me what way to go and what I should be doing here. If there is time tomorrow I will have to spend some of it on having a good conversation with her, if she so pleases. Might it be that she has troubles reaching me properly deep under the ground like this? It cannot be as her powers can still reach me and aid me, it will always be hard to properly understand her powers in this world. But for now we have more of this underground construction, we need to find the wizard and rid us of some more orcs.
But our stay in these halls would be short after this. After reaching the stairs and the last level of the structure we haven't explored yet we make a plan to properly rid ourselves of these orcs we are attacked before we can do anything. There are far too much orcs and we are driven back, all the way to the first tower and back up into it. We are safe for now, but the orcs have been able to enter the tower from below before and there is not much holding them back now, but we need to start thinking of a good tactic of what to do now.

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