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Session 12 (Lilsy)

Played on March 11, 2007

Together with Urdos's cute little wolfie we headed back to the village. This path seemed a lot easier than the first path. Drat! That means B'redaru won't need to eat a spider! Hmm... Maybe I can just slip one into his dinner. After a long but not too difficult walk we arrived at Belnore.

Urdos told the cute little wolfie that it might be best for him to stay outside the village. I thought that would have been such a nice surprise! We went into the town and seeing as it was not sieged by hungry winter wolves, we did not really know what to do. B'redaru wanted to leave for Tinker Crag, but Thror and I insisted on helping the poor little village of Belnore.

In the inn, we met one of the former hunters. Apparently he was the best skinner in the village and explained that he was attacked by winter wolves while skinning one of them. He was somewhat incoherent because of all the booze though. Next day we asked him to take us to the place he was attacked so we could maybe find the winter wolves. B'redaru continued tinkering with his armour and I passed out the time by checking out the musical qualites of a spoon (which I borrowed) and B'redaru's armour. If I hit the armour just where the helm meets the neck, I can make a very cool DZzzzzzzzzzwwOOIOOOIIIIINNnngnngg!

Next day, we went back on the road with a somewhat more sober skinner. Surtur seemed to be far away again. Occassionally talking about "Circles of Fire! Muhahahaha!" and then getting a glazed over look gain. Weird dwarf! He is funny though and his fireballs look pretty! After some hours walk we got to this very authentic looking cool log cabin. I ran ahead to check for... erms.. dangers. I quickly unlocked the door, moved in and took a hiding spot beside the door so I could ... oversee the room very well! Unfortunately B'redaru stayed outside so there was no need to check the log cabin for dangers. The skinner got some stuff from there and we moved on. We trudged along in the snow and didn't really see anything special. When night fell we camped out and I curled up in my cozy little tent.

Suddenly I wake up by the rancid smell of dog breath! Doggie! Oh, wait, it's a winter wolf trying to eat me! He's blocking the entrance to my tent and have to get out of here. Using his nose as a foothold I leap over him, cushioning my fall with a roll behind him. "Ha, I got you know." Twitching my arm, I trigger my holdout sheath to get a dagger and plunge it into his leg. As it turns about, I throw the dagger to my left hand and take out my trusty magical dagger. It lunges at me, but I quickly salto over to his friend who is fighting Thror at time. Because it's so busy I manage to get a couple of good hits in. Shish-Kebab! As I dodge one of the winter wolves swipes, I hear a loud FWOOOSH! I see Surtur standing there with a wide grin, flames reflected in his fascinated eyes. Wait, wasn't that Winter Wolf next to my tent? Aaaaaaaaaagh! That pyromaniac set fire to my tent! My tent! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Boohoo! Sob! "How could you?!?!" My trusty tent! After a wild tantrum, I cry myself to sleep under Surtur's winter blanket.

Still mourning my tent, we move on the next day. We track the winter wolves we fought last night. Oh, by the way, we killed two and wounded another. After a couple of hours we catch up with the wounded wolf. B'redaru talks a bit with the wolf and convinces him not to attack the villagers anymore. Like that's going to give me my tent back! Hey, what's that? A bunny! Aaaaaaaaah, so cute! Anyway, all's well that ends well, or something. We have saved the village and there's a bunny! Yay!

Happily we travel back to Belnore. Thror goes off to the magistrate to tell our story. Meanwhile, I go and buy a new tarp to mend my tent. At the same time, Surtur comes over te me with a new tarp he has bought to mend my tent. How sweet! B'redaru is also very nice and mends my goblin army knife with the new tarp. Thror comes back and tells us that he's told the magistrate that we'll stay a month in Belnore to make sure that the winter wolves are really gone. Ofcourse, that's not really not an option with all these people missing and me being totally bored out of my skull if I have to stay here one more day. So, I volunteer to tell the magistrate that we can't possibly stay that long and that we should really be on our way to Tinker Crag.

I move on over to the magistrate's office and shut the door behind me real well. I tell the magistrate that we can't possibly stay for a month and that we will be leaving for Tinker Crag today. The magistrate starts to be all fussy and says that we have to stay a week at the least. The nerve! He hasn't even thanked us for helping with the winter wolves (let alone given us a reward) and now he is going to make demands! He had even said that he could handle the problem himself! He even suggests that helping missing people is not a priority because we came here! Aagh! Thror barges in and makes matters worse. Giving my final statement that we will be leaving with in the day, I walk out. Thror stays behind with the magistrate.

I head back to the inn and manage to convince the rest to leave as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Surtur's amazingly appearing horses are reluctant today and we will have to wait for them to show up tomorrow. Thror comes in and tries to convince everyone to stay a week, but people are not really interested. Yay! On the road again! Now there is just the matter how I will pass the time tonight. Maybe I can still get a reward after all...

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