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Session 11 (Lilsy)

Played on March 4, 2007
Winter wolves are cute!

B'redaru lifted the winter wolf's corpses over the edge of the mountain and we watched it tumble down. "Well, that cleans the area a bit." Surtur came running, "Hey, those pelts are valuable!" B'redaru didn't seem to be too phazed by that piece of information. As it was getting quite late, we decided to make camp here. I took first watch so I could write my parchment in all privacy. I used the pen from my amazing Army Knife and some winter wolf blood as ink. After some time I finished the parchment and neatly hid it away in my backpack. Afterwards I started throwing rocks down the mountain slope to pass the time a bit. After two hours, Surtur woke up and start keeping his watch again.

After a day's travel more, Belnore came into view. Thror was so worried that he ran ahead of the cart and, starved for excitement, I quickly ran after him. Some houses of the villages seemed to have collapsed, but people were walking out on the street on everyday business. It's hardly the smoldering ruins of a village which Thror seemed to think it would have been. Thror ran straight for the smithy and when I saw some dwarves open the door which apparently where his parent, I decided to give him some private time to catch up with his parents.

When the cart slowly rolled into town, Surtur also went to what I think is his parents' house. Surtur did not seem to get the same warm welcome as Thror did and seemed anxious to get away from his parents as quickly as possible again. B'redaru started banging on the cart with his hammer. He probably has some new idea with which to enhance our cart. I quietly watched him happily tinkering with the shiny metal equipment.

After some time, the clanfather gathered all of us in the inn. Urdos was already inside, drinking dwarven ale. "Thror I'm happy that you have returned. So much has happened since you left here. Oh, I see Surtur is here as well. Well, anyhow, all is fine here, now. Apart from our village being ravaged by hungry winter wolves, that is. I heard you brought back the famous smith's hammer!" Thror nodded and produced the hammer to a thunderous applause all around. His father was beaming proudly. "Seems we are done here, let's go," B'redaru said abruptly. "Yes, I agree. We are wasting our time here. These people are obviously just fine," Urdos added. "But, but, but.. we have to help them fight the winter wolves! You can't leave them for the wolves!" Thror said. "Ah, I'm sure they can handle themselves! That's true isn't it, magistrate?" Urdos replied. The clanfather shifted uneasily and said, "Uh.. Well... Ofcourse... We are dwarves!" "See? That's settled then." "Ah, come on! It will be fun and these winter wolf pelts will be worth something as well!" I said. "Ah, yes, ofcourse, good idea! Let's help these people!" Surtur said. "But they just said they were fine!", Urdos countered. "They just said that too look tough!", I said. The dwarves and room murmured somewhat at that. "Ah, well, okay. We will have a look at it in the morning."

The next morning Thror, Surtur and I dragged B'redaru and Urdos into the mountains following the trail of the winter wolves. We were being followed by mutters and constant grumbling. Thror did some convincing and even cast some spells on B'redaru to convince to climb into the mountains with us. The mountains were mostly snowy and cold. I tried to make a snowman, but failed miserably. I think you have to grow up in the snow to learn that skill. We spent one night on a snowy plateau (accompanied by lots of complaining). The next morning we spotted two caves in a mountain wall. We inspected those, and judging from the tracks they were the winter wolves's homes. The first one seemed to house sleeping spots for about 6 winter wolves but they were all deserted. The second one contained sleeping spots for about 5 winter wolves and one you winter wolf pup! Urdos tried to calm the pup down, but Surtur commenting about the value of his pelt did not seem to help much. We decided to give Urdos some space and went outside.

After a while, Urdos came out of the cave together with the pup. He said he was taking it with him. Thror was not very amused and tried to convince Urdos to leave him behind. Urdos did not budge and found it immoral to leave the pup to its own devices. Apparently it had sustained itself on rats, but he looked very famished. B'redaru made some food for him which he quickly gulped. It is such a cute little puppy! After he was well fed, the puppy explained that since the tremors in the mountain started, his parents have not come back (or all the other wolves for that matter). He thinks this happened a long time ago, but we can't really be sure what such a young (and cute!) little puppy thinks is long. We decide to go and check out the other caves, but night falls, so we decide to camp.

The next day we check out all the other caves, but the results are the same. We find sleeping places for about 100 winter wolves but no winter wolves whatsoever. We can't find any clues as to what's causing the tremors either. With these unsatisfying results we head back to the village. Won't they be surprised that we have such a cute little puppy!

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