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Session 16 (Lilsy)

Played on April 9, 2007

The next day we all spend in buying supplies and paying our last respect to Thror. As, Thror is being sent off to Bel'nore we don't hold such a big ritual as we had for Surtur, but each say our goodbyes separately. Early the next morning, we head down the lake where there is all kinds of people now. The ferryman takes us over the lake himself and doesn't charge us anything. He seems very pleased with the disappearance of the Dragon Turtle, but he still takes the old route which steered clear of the Dragon Turtle. From the other side we continue our road to Tinker Crag (or "The Crag!" as Folwick calls it).

The road is mostly uneventful, going downstream besides the river. It does offer some spectacular views with waterfalls and views over the mountains. Woya spots some special goats of which Folwick and Urdos know that they supply milk which has healing qualities. We shortly try to catch them by having me scare them off into the other's waiting arms, but they don't seem too easily scared so we abort the attempt. At night, I pimp B'redaru's armor by making a skirt out of some pieces of tarp I had and attaching it to the armor. Afterwards, I go batting. I almost caught one, but it got away! In the morning, B'redaru doesn't seem to like the modifications though and removes it. All my work for naught! Hmmm... Maybe I should attach it better next time.

Within an hour we come within sight of "The Crag!". It has a huge gate, like Cloddfahm had, but there don't seem to be any guards. A faint whisp of smoke of some sort seems to be seeping out of the gate. Inside, it turns out to be bedlam! All kinds of gnomes and dwarves tinkering away on stuf and walking through each other, steam venting from everywhere and flames erupting out of seemingly nowhere. Cool! I race about looking at all the turning cogwheel and whirling belts and ask everyone what everything does.

After a while we manage to find out where Grand-Artificer Bixia lives. We lost B'redaru in the process. When we get there, we find the housekeeper at home who actually can't tell us anything really interesting. Apparently plenty of people came into the house just before she disappeared and plenty of people have come by since. The place is a complete mess, but it is apparently always like that. Some housekeeper! While Folwich and Urdos interrogate the housekeeper, I quickly scan trough the house. Everything is a mess of broken trinkets and gears and pipes. I pocket two interesting looking trinkets. I find an archive of blueprints, which apparently is the only thing which is not a mess. Scanning through it, it is obvious that some schematics are missing! A clue! Meanwhile, Folwick found out that maybe a friend of Bixia's, called Ikini, knows more, so we head off to her place.

The friend does not seem to know too much, but after some interrogation we find out that she had taken some of the schematics from Bixia's house, but that one, for a mining machine is missing. She calls it an au-tomato-n. She does have the schematic for the jewelcutting module of it. I recollect all Bixia's schematics and reinsert them in the archive to check if anything else is missing. Apparently, only the Mining Tomato's blueprint is missing. We head back to Ikini and she tells us that she also found some of Bixia's mail in which the Cloddfahm loading families Deeptunneler, Stonehand, Deathforge and some gnome family say that Bixia should know really start paying taxes. Another clue! It seems we need to go back to Cloddfahm, or at least that's what the others say. But we haven't seen anything of Tinker Crag yet! I ask Ikini what are the most important attractions in Tinker Crag so we can check those out before we leave. The rest grunt as I ask.

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