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Session 15 (Lilsy)

Played on April 2, 2007
Trustworthy fellows

Depressed, tired and saddened for our losses we row back to the Cloddfahm shore with the bodies of our two Ironsmiter friends. We all feel that we can't continue right now and put the bodies on the shadowy horses of sadness. We lead them to Cloddfahm and decide to bring the bodies to the temples of Surtur's and Thror's dieties. Surtur was a big fan of the goddess of Death and Magic, Wee Jas. Thror was a worshipper of Moradin.

First, we bring Surtur to Wee Jas' temple, which is sort of a small building with just one priest. We all get a bit of the heeby jeebies in there, but we donate 150 gold to the priest so he can find out if he can resurrect Surtur. He seems to be none to convinced that Surtur wants to be resurrected. Urdos and B'redaru head off with Thror's body to Moradin's temple and I stick around for the ritual because the priest needs someone to talk to or somesuch. Well, the ritual is quite boring and the priest won't even talk back! So, I go out and investigate everything in the temple.

After about an hour of mumbo jumbo, a shadowy image of Surtur appears. "Surtur!" I call. "This guy has charged us 150 gold for a spell to talk with you! Isn't that ridiculously over priced?" "Yes, you're right.", says the image of Surtur. "Drat!" I sulk a bit. "Oh, how's the afterlife?" "Great! There is all kinds of blood and fire!" "Hmmm, doesn't sound too amazing, but, hey, do you want to be resurrected?" "Nah, this blood and fire is too wicked!" "Oh, okay, well, if you're happy, who am I to argue? Do you want to be buried or cremated?" "Well, what do you think?" With that he faded away. Well, Surtur seemed happy! That's great! Not looking too much forward to the afterlife myself though, so I guess I'll have to keep being as careful as I always am. Best if I report to Urdos and B'redaru. The priest says I can leave Surtur here for a while and I make him promise that he won't turn Surtur in a zombie or other kind of undead.

I find Urdos sitting on a bench at the Temple Square. He seems to be very depressed and somewhat incoherent and I quickly tell him the good news that Surtur is so happy! He says he saw something which looked like Thror which said that he did not want to be resurrected. We spend a little time there, but after a while we get summmoned to the Clanfather. The Clanfather says that he is very proud of us that we have killed the Dragon Turtle in the lake. Dragon Turtle? It was just a big head! He gives us each a HUGE chest of valuables and promises to transport Thror's body back to Belnore. He wats to transport Surtur's body as well, but we think that he should be cremated by fireball as he would like to.

We head back to the inn, where we decide to drink to the honour of our Ironsmiter friends. In between bouts of sobbing I drink loads of beer and I meed this cute gnome. The rest of the evening is quite a blur. I wake up late the next day and meet the cute gnome again. He's called Folwick Nacklenottin and apparently served in the army and has all kinds of cool stories about that! He can even cast Fireballs, so I ask if he can please help us with the cremation of Surtur. There is also some elf talking to B'redaru as he is having his breakfast, but he's kind of mean to Folwick.

Folwick and I spend the rest of the day together. First, I take him shopping. I've seen such a nice trendy new mithral armor in the window the other day and now I have the money to spend! After some more mandatory shopping, I take Folwich for some batting! He quickly gets the hang of it and we feed the bat to his dog, Nickles. When I get back B'redaru and Urdos mob me and try to convince me to take the elf with us. I've got no idea why, but after I made him promise that he will stop being mean I guess it can't hurt to take someone extra with us. Folwick wants to join us too and ofcourse he is also welcome! The evening I spend in the inn again. Plenty of people want to hear the story about the dragon turtle. I have to cry every time at the part that Thror and Surtur die, but I'm very happy that people are so grateful. The ferryman is also very happy that the Dragon Turtle is that because it makes his job a lot safer.

The next day we have the ritual for Surtur. Plenty of people come to the lake to pay their respects and with a ritual by Wee Jas' priest, Folwick fireballs his body in a spectacular display of fire. It was beautiful ritual and Surtur would have really liked it. Afterwards, we head back, preparing ourselves to say goodbye to Thror's body before we move on again.

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