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Session 17 (Lilsy)

Played on April 15, 2007

Folwick and I spend the day checking all the sights in Tinker Crag and I buy a lot of souvenirs. Everything looks very cool! Afterwards, it isn't a good time to continue to continue to travel back to Cloddfahm, so I spend the night in the Tinkercrag night life.

We travel from Tinkercrag to Cloddfahm. Somewhere in the middle we encounter the magic goats again. We got a new plan: We are going to restrict the goats with tentacles and then I'll milk it. The plan goes awry, as Folwick can't tell the tentacles to not restrict me as well! Quite useless! We beat our retreat again. We will get these goats one day! To compensate me for being restricted by these tentacles, Folwick promises me that I can choose when to cast one of the black tentacles spells.

We arrive at Cloddfahm and the guards won't let us in because of some trouble in the country side, eventhough I pretend I have to pee! The bastards! After we manage, with the help of another guard, to convice the commanding guard that we are the people we slew the Dragon Trutle and that we need to see the clanfather we are admitted. We are escorted to the Clanfather's office where we are put in the waiting room. Everyone is very quiet. After about 10 minutes we are admitted to the room. Not only the Clanfather is here but also the other heads of the families including the Gnome one. The clanfather explains that there are rumours of villages in the north being attacked by giant mechanisms, or giant orcs or huge wolves or something. He also asks why we come back and when we explain that we think that they have kidnapped Bixia they get all upset and we have to go away. We decide to head north the next day. I go and buy a riding dog so we can go a bit faster. It's a huge furry beast who I call Fuzzbucket! He is very cool! After playing a round a bit, I go batting but apparently the bats have learned the trick and stay away from the batters. Folwick and I shortly discuss possibilities to think of a new way to go batting. I spend the night traipsing around the Cloddfahm bars trying to find out if anyone knows something about Bixia. I find out that people might not like all the steam gadgets but they would never ever consider hurting Bixia or people of The Crag.

We start for the north the next morning. The trip is mostly uneventful. We stop a short while at Lynn the treant when we pass her hangout again. ("Heelllllooooo!") At Flann's Crossing we meet up with Frolm(!) and Alora and the Clanfather. We decide to spend the night there.

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