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Session 20 (Lilsy)

Played on May 13, 2007

The town is a terrible rubble after the fight with the Tomato, the monkey boys and the Ogres. We throw the monkey boy into a room of the local guardhouse which we convert to a jail cell. I spend the night talking with the locals about what happened. The next day B'redaru casts a spell so he can understand the monkey boy and starts to interrogate him. After some time he says he doesn't get any new information from him and I was getting bored anyhow, so I tell the angry mob which has gathered outside they can have fun with the monkey boy.

We didn't really get any interesting information from the monkey boy, apart from that they have Bixia but that isn't real news. We decide to go see if our brave tracker Urdos can follow the trail of chopped trees and trampled undergrowth through the jungle. Using his amazing skills we follow the trail. After a few days we seem to get somewhere. In the distance a faint bluish light is shining. The closer we get, the brighter the light gets and we also start to hear a strange buzzing noise. It keeps getting louder and louder as we come closer until we come to an opening in the jungle in which there lies a big crystal.

All the plants round the crystal seems to have died, and even some dead birds are lying on the ground. B'redaru and Folwick try to reach the crystal but they get sick halfway and turn back. Everyone starts to get a bit queasy and we decide to move away. Ithadriel does some mumbo jumbo and says it is some kind of teleportation magic. Somewhat disheartened we camp for the night a little while away. The next day someone dispels the magic around the stone and we can finally get closer. There is an inscription on it, something like "Say this and you will be teleported." I spend the rest of the day touching the stone and saying things but it doesn't really seem to work. Meanwhile they decide to go back to the town and carry the stone with them.

Back at the village the stone is still a stone and we decide to leave it. We find a boat to take us to Jauhare at the other side of the lake. After some time we get there. The village is quite utterly destroyed. After some searching we find another Tomato with a big hole in its side. We also find two tracks of Tomato's.

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