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Session 19 (Lilsy)

Played on April 29, 2007
The attack of...

I charge out off the inn as soon as we hear about the killer tomato. Villagers start coming out of their houses as well and start arming themselves with torches and pitchforks. From the parks a loud thrashing is audible and huge clouds of smoke billow up. The whirling tomato of doom is thrashing seemingly randomly through the park. The Tomato looks actually amazingly unlike a tomato and is more of a metal ball on two metal legs with a huge arm with a huge hammer and a huge arm with a chainsaw. Yikes!

I quickly run ahead and climb a tree so I can jump on the tomato as it walks past. But just one tree ahead the Tomato veers off and thrashes a tree to its right. In the meantime Urdos, Folwick and B'redaru have caught up with me. Urdos finds a good spot to shoot lightning enhanced arrows at the Tomato and our foul-mouthed High-Priest start to insult the Tomato. "Your mother was a cucumber!" Folwick spots something else in the distance and starts his usual ritual of deep-frying monsters. "Mmmm! Crispy ogre!"

The Tomato stands still to smash it huge hammer at B'redaru, but B'redaru dodges the blows as nimbly as ever! He's lucky that he has that huge armor. "Don't let me get the Mozzarella!" B'redaru retorts. Okay, maybe he didn't really say that, but I can't remember everything. Anyhow, as the Tomato was pre-occupied with B'redaru, I quickly climbed into a tree and jumped on top of the Tomato into somekind of hiding place.

There is somekind of small monkeylike thing which I think looks quite odd as I skewer it with one dagger and gore it with the other dagger. It looks quite strange bleeding on the metal floor as well. Just as I move its body to the side a huge fireball erupts above the Tomato, nearly singing my hair. My hair! "Hey, Folwick! Watch where you leave those things!" I scream out of the Tomato and wave round my neat Tinker's Crag souvenir T-shirt, which quickly blackens by all the smoke coming out of the Tomato.

Below the monkey boy's body, there is a locked hatch, which I quickly open. I hope Folwick has got the message. Down the hatch there is another monkey boy, which seems quite surprised as I slice him open. Folwick seems to blast the Tomato again with a lightning bolt. "Oi!" The monkey boy uses the chaos to escape from a hatch where he gets quickly bombarded by Folwick and Urdos.

I put my head outside the hatch and say "Will you please stop shooting me?" and close the hatch again. Now, how does this thing work? And why do I hear steam building? With a huge bang the Tomato explodes and everything goes black.

"Lilsy, are you allright?" I hear B'redaru ask. "Uuuuuuurggrgrh", I reply. B'redaru patches me up somewhat and I slowly get up from the huge pile of rubble. Urrgle. Unfortunately there is no time to recover as two of the monkey boys escape from the tree. One gets quite quickly trashed, but the other gets away. I call Fuzzbucket and together with him and Urdos we chase after him. We catch up with him in an alley where Urdos and I are able to take him prisoner. Although Urdos sees no reason to keep it alive, even though I explain we can keep him to collect coins when we play the organ.

Fuzzbucket helps me carry the corpse and on the way back I check the corpses of the monkey boys. One of them has the corner of what seems to be one of the schematics of Bixia! A clue! The others don't seem as impressed by this clue though. So, only thing left to do is collect the loot from the Crabby things and then we can follow the trail of the tomato to Bixia! Yay!

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