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Session 3 (Be'hlarah)

Played on 2004/09/12

As written by the hand of Be'hlarah

10th Day of Danu, 999 NE

I awake groggy and shivering from the cold. What a terrible night I have had, curled up against Eadrica hoping what little warmth I had would get her through the night. A small cloud leaves my mouth as I breath out a sigh of relief as I feel that Eadrica is still alive. But she still won't wake up though. I need the healing powers of Eleya or my sister for this. But I dread to think what might have happened to them. Though I know I would feel if Tryane would have left this world, the most horrible ideas wreak havoc in my mind.

What little sleep I got this night was made worse by the nightmares of last night. My eyes are open now, but I still see Tadra falling to the ground with a knife in her side when we tried to rescue poor Narvin from his bonds. I had to run, it was the only thing I could do, I would be no use lying dead beside my companions in that dank hold below the ground. I remember being followed by one of those men, I was scared witless. Otherwise I would not have tried to hide in a closet before I had a great enough distance between me and my persuer.

Oh poor Eadrica, the death of those five burned men around her when I found her in that small clearing must have cost her too much. She has exhausted herself beyond even her abilities. Please wake up dearest Eadrica, this is the time I need you the most. What am I to do? I need to go back, I have to know what happened to my companions. At least I need a horse for me and Eadrica to get her to Salidar.

Oh, that dreaded farmstead, I had to run away from there. Followed by one of those terrible goatpeople. I remember vaguely running and falling and having to kick the man in the face with my foot as he wouldn't let go of my ankle. And when finally thinking to get some distance and getting to the relative safety of the woods, one of those Whitecloak fiends appears before me from behind a tree. I had a mind to just ram through the man, but knowing how little I weighed and the sword in the man's hand made me make a sharp turn to the right. While shouting that I was followed by a darkfriend I made my escape as the two men thought each other more interesting prey than me. I ran myself to exhaustion and this is when I arrived at the clearing, a place I will not soon forget.

Scouting and lifting, scouting and lifting, slowly I get closer to the farmstead as I make my way with Eadrica to the side of the estate. I have no plan yet, I just need to know what happened, I need a horse, I need to save Eadrica from her slumber. I can see the backwall of the estate, but after some exploring I find no backentrance, there is only the frontgate. I sigh as I walk back to where I left Eadrica. As I near the location I see a shadow looking down on Eadrica. No! They cannot have her, haven't they already done enough to her? I slowly and quietly make my way to see who is above her. I do not know what to do, but I have to protect Eadrica.

When I get close enough to see who it is, I gasp as I see the features of Tadra above her. I sillily call her name and walk towards her. How ever did she get here and why is she looking so healthy? She looks towards me and I can see the confusion on her face. But all she can say are confusing words that nothing happened this night. Am I going mad, did I really only dream all this? But what happened to Eadrica then? No! I did not dream this, there must be some logical explenation. I gather my resolve and put on a stern face. Tadra says Eleya, Kheldar and Tryana are fine, whatever is ailing her mind? I tell her that Eadrica needs help and we have no time for foolishness and ask her to get Eleya and Tryana over here. I hope they can be a bit more constructive about the situation.

A little later I can hear them approach from afar, quibling, almost shouting at each other. What has come to them, they are in mortal danger and they act like this. I step from behind a tree and with my calmest voice I tell them to stop talking like that and to follow me. I then guide them to where I left Eadrica. Tryana is fussing over my health, but I assure her I am fine and that she should be looking at Eadrica not me. I understand her concern, and I feel the same, but we cannot act like children now. We need to cope with the situation.

Eleya and Tryana are actually able to revive Eadrica, I breathe at least my tenth sigh of relief of the day. Eadrica starts to speak, but only by bending all over her we can hear what she has to say. She has trouble speaking and between every ten words or so she seems to get a small seizure. She says it's too late for her, she is dying. This cannot be true, we need her to guide us. She also tells us that she was being taken away from the estate tied on the back of a horse and that she was able to get loose and even be able to fight off the guards around her. But this completely drained her and she didn't have the strength to do anything anymore when another man stood above her and told her to die. The only thing she could remember that he was dressed in black and that he had a big scar around his neck.

Then more confusion commenced as I tried to explain what happened last night to us. They looked fine indeed and the only thing they could remember was going to bed early after having a good meal last night. Nothing I could remember of last night seems to be in their minds. I could see that Tryana at least believed me, but confusion could clearly be read on her face. I had no proof, I could see no weaves around them. The only thing there was to remember was the room under the main building of the farmstead. Tadra was the most skeptical of all, but who could blame her, would I believe myself with such a wild tale? I could only point to Eadrica and my own state of being to help them convince at least something must have happened this night.

I think I at least convinced them a little, as we went to check on the dead bodies to see if any clues could be found. Only more quite obvious scars could be found on the dead men, I wonder what significance they had, or if they were just that. Scars.

Kheldar then decided that he would have a look around the house tonight, to see if he could find anything resembling the room I was speaking of. I did not know he was skilled in moving in silence and not being seen. This shows once more how little I knew about my companions. But he obviously is more than just our librarian. I berate myself as I think of it, otherwise Egwene wouldn't have made him our companion if he did not have some special skills.

During the day, Kheldar watches the gate of the mansion to see if anything happens or if strange folk come around. But nothing more than a cart with wood can be seen going in and out of the estate. And then when all is dark and the people of the farm have gone to bed, Kheldar makes his move and goes in to investigate. Only silence greets us as we wait for him to return. I am tired, I need sleep, but I need to stay awake. I need to know that the room exists and that things have happened this night. Not only because they have and something needs to be done about it, but I need some peace of mind, I need to know I am not going crazy. Hours pass and we start to worry, but we still have faith in his skills and wait a little longer.

After about three hours he finally returns with news. How dissapointing the news was, there was a stair where I said it would be, but it lead to nothing, he said he tried everything. All the things he could think up to enter 'my' room. Doubt starts to play his tune again in my mind. I need rest, I need a fresh look on this in the morning...

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