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Session 3 (Tryane)

Played on 2004/09/12

As written by the hand of Tryane

10th Day of Danu, 999 NE

I write this to make sense of what happened. My memory might be playing a trick on me so I may best write down the little that I do know. I woke this morning in the nice comfortable bed provided to me by Lord Furlan. We were staying the night there after we helped him get rid of the Children of Light who were occupying his estate. I remember having some kind of nightmare. I thought it was about running away from something through the forest, but I am left with the frustration of not knowing what it was all about.

As soon as I finished dressing for the day, I headed towards the room appointed to Be'hlarah. She usually rises around the same time as me and I wanted to enjoy breakfast together and discuss yesterday's events. We had not gotten the chance to discuss them last night, because we were both extremely tired after dinner and fell asleep early. When I reached her room though, she was not there and her bed was made up neatly. Aes'Sedai initiates learn to take care of their own quarters, so I thought she had just risen early and was probably eating breakfast already.

When I reach the breakfast table, Tadra, Kheldar and Eleya are there already, but no Be'hlarah. None of them had seen Be'hlarah either and they were missing Eadrica as well. After breakfast we had still hadn't seen either one of them. That was when I started to worry. I started asking servants if they had seen her, but they all said they had seen nothing. Kheldar and I looked around the mansion for them and Tadra scouted outside the mansion. Kheldar questioned all the servants and I tried to look around as well as possible while trying not to anger Lord Furlan's servants. I visited Eadrica's room but it was similar to Be'hlarah's room, neat and no one there. Not knowing where to look next, I asked the servants for an audience with Lord Furlan, but they said he had left the estate early. Did he leave with Be'hlarah and Eadrica? Why didn't they leave a note? After this I decided it was best just to wait if Tadra had found something.

After a very long half hour, Tadra came rushing in. She said she had found Eadrica and Be'hlarah and that something was wrong with them! She did not want to tell anything else. Quickly I ran after Tadra towards them. First, we encountered Be'hlarah. She looked really bad. Her skin was pale, she was covered in dirt and scratches and she looked like she had not slept at all, but she did not want to tell me more and said I had to follow her first. After a short while we came to Eadrica, Be'hlarah told me to put Eadrica in first concern. Eadrica was laying very still on the forest floor. Her breathing was very faint and it took every grain of Eleya's and my skills to revive her a little bit. She tells us that she will soon die and that this night she was taking away on the back of a horse. Through the One Power she managed to free herself and to fight off five armed men, but she could not fight off the last one. She said this was a man with a large scar around his neck. The scar almost seemed like an ornament of some sorts. After she told us this she let out her last breath. There was nothing we could do for her anymore.

Everyone was very quiet and sad and did not really know what to do. Searching for answers to what happened to Eadrica I asked Be'hlarah what happened. She told us a strange story that we were all drugged during dinner and captured. When we awoke we were in a small room with an altar and chanting men in goat masks. She said Tadra was stabbed by one of those men, but we can not find any mark of such an injury on her body, neither can we remember anything of all that she told us. I believe her, even if my memory says otherwise, because I really do not remember much of last night. I am not sure if I was drugged or not, but can not imagine my sister ever lying to me. She told us that Lord Furlan was one of the chanting men and that he tried to sacrifice his own son, Narwin. The story sickens me, I can not believe anyone to be capable of such grievous things. Be'hlarah said she escaped from the mansion while being pursued by one of the goat-masked men. In the forest she narrowly escaped one of the Children of the Light, who then subsequently started to attack the goat-man. A strange story indeed! I would have never believed it, were it not that it was told by my sister and the trauma we all suffered with Eadrica's death.

Wanting some more reassurance I headed towards the place where Be'hlarah found Eadrica. The bodies of the men she thought were still there. I started a methodical search for anything out of the ordinary. The only strange things were scar-like markings down the arms of two of them. I took care to commit their shape to paper for future reference, but did not find any distinguishing marks apart from this. The only strange things were two curved blades, but according to Tadra they are quite common to this area. I left their bodies in peace.

Kheldar comments that it might be a good idea to scout the mansion tonight and try and find the room Be'hlarah spoke of. A strange suggestion for a librarian, but he assures us he will be alright. I can not imagine where a librarian would pick up such skills, but, for now, I am grateful that he can help us in such a way. We find a hiding place near the entrance to the estate so we can watch who comes and goes to the mansion and wait for nightfall. During the night, Kehldar sneaks off towards the mansion. We wait for a time which seems like forever. Just as we were debating if we should go in and try to get Kheldar out, he returns and tells us that he was able to found the stairwell going down to the room Be'hlarah described, but that it seemed to end in a blind wall. He looked around for other clues but could not find any. How can this be? Was there a hidden door he could not find? Why would anyone build a stair towards a blind wall? Or was Be'hlarah's memory wrong? She couldn't have been lying to us! Worrying I sink into a restless sleep.

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