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Session 4 (Kheldar)

Played on 2004/09/19

As written by the hand of Kheldar

11th Day of Danu, 999 NE

During my watch, my thoughts wander inevitably back to the events of the preceding day. My memories of that period seem awkward in the light of the death of Eadrica Sedai. I know I have searched that blasted downstairs area an hour if I searched it a minute, but still! By the Light, there has to be some reason. Some reason for that stair. Some reason for that small space. But above all, there has to be some reason to Eadrica Sedai's ... murder.

While my eyes wander over the landscape lit by the light of the full moon, my mind freezes at that one phrase. Murder. There was foul play at hand, and Eadrica Sedai has died as a result. A multitude of questions swells in my mind: why her? How? What happened? What has happened to Narvin Furlan? Were there really Darkfriends? What was it about the scar? Why was Eadrica kidnapped? Why so soon - she still had many years to live?! Who were her attackers?!

To put the thoughts swirling in my head to rest, I take out my flute and start to compose a mourning song for Eadrica, but I find it hard to condense my feelings into words. I feel like I knew so little about her. The words seem so inadequate, it feels like words cannot do her justice.

Over the mountain high
Over the tree-top soaring
Inspiring vista of consolation
You always stood strong

The shelter we sought, we found
You gave us inspiration
Under your eye we waxed and learned
Before your light was taken away

How can we carry on
When the world seems so wrong
In your mem'ry we find consolance
And the strength to carry on

This inadequate text comes straighter from the hearth than any I have previously written. Drained from my emotions and sweating a bit - although that may be due to the unnaturally high temperature this night - I awaken Tadra for her watch. The only feeling I have left when I lay down to sleep is a dim feeling of hope that justice may still be served as soon as we have taken Eadrica's remains to the Aes Sedai.
Later that day, we head out and cross the bridge. The magnificent view cannot entice anyone of our group. The atmosphere is depressed and there is very little talk.

12th Day of Danu, 999 NE

Our group continues with greatly diminished spirits towards Salidar. The monotony of the journey does little to alleviate the mood. It is not until Tadra spots a great number of horse-tracks that everybody seems to awaken from the semi-conscious state we were travelling in.

After a short while, our woodswoman determines that somewhere in the order of 50 horses have passed here, coming from the same direction as we are travelling now. In everybody's eyes the same thought can be read: Whitecloaks! It is decided that Tadra and I will venture near the village in order to learn what we may. It is about a one-hour ride from the current locale, so travelling on foot through the forest may require quite some time.

Upon returning, we can inform the rest that Whitecloaks have burned down the empty husk that was Salidar and have taken residence in the one building left standing. That evening, the possible courses of action are discussed. Although I think it is a good time to inform the Amyrlin Seat of all that has transpired, the others are in favour of acquiring more information before we contact her. The idea to seize a Whitecloak so that I can wander around their encampment in the appropriate attire is quickly glossed over. In the end, it is decided that Tadra and I will venture out once again, and as is said, so it is done.

13th Day of Danu, 999 NE

Tadra and I return at around midnight (judging by the position of the (still almost) full moon), so it must just be a new day. We have little to report, but finally we realise that we haven't seen the horses in the remnants of the village. To assure ourselves that these haven't left over the eastern road from the village, we should investigate the east road for tracks.

Before we all go off to sleep, Tryane mentions something about leaving behind Aes Sedai warning signs on the east road tomorrow. Eleya meanwhile has that special look upon her once more. Suddenly she looks around sheepishly. She relates that she has used the One Power to foretell the weather. She informs us that tomorrow it will be snowing and freezing. Uh-huh.
With this, we prepare ourselves once again for the night.

That morning, we head out to the east road. After a diligent search has not yielded the tracks of fifty horses, we conclude that the horses must be around here somewhere. Tryane leaves behind some sort of Aes Sedai specific warning sign near the road.

While riding through the forest in our search for the missing horses (or their tracks), Tadra suddenly spots something some way east. I dismount and sneak up to the spot she indicated. As I step behind a tree, I see a large pack of horses. And a Whitecloak stepping out from behind the same tree, sword drawn. Before I can react, he strikes.

The sword slashes me across the chest. A quick backflip and a carthweel increases the distance between us to a more preferable number of feet. While I flee, he whistles loudly on his fingers. I start shouting 'Whitecloak!, Whitecloak!', hoping for some aid.

Before I know it, I am back in the saddle and the Whitecloak is lying on the ground, evidently unable to move. He seems frightened, but Tadra is more curious than wise. She discovers some sort of invisible block holding the man down - no doubt a block of hardened air, courtesy of one of our Initiates. Tadra's curiousity overcomes her good senses and she starts jumping up and down on the block, each jump ending a foot or so above the man's chest.

Suddenly, she seems to fall further down than that margin. In a flash I notice she puts her feet quickly together and braces herself for impact. She lands with a loud, cracking noise, but seems unharmed. The Whitecloak, who unwillingly cushioned her landing, remains silent and lifeless.

We are all for a moment taken aback, but quickly realise that the Whitecloak did whistle on his fingers - probably a call for reinforcements. The deceased Whitecloak is loaded on Tadra's horse and we all act out the better part of valour.

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