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Session 5 (Kheldar)

Played on 2004/09/26

As written by the hand of Kheldar

13th Day of Danu, 999 NE (continued)

We fled quite some way until we were ate a safe distance. After confirming we are safe for the time being, the body of the Whitecloak is buried. Although he meant to kill me, and although I am not the cause of his death, I feel somewhat saddened that he has died. Tryane also seems taken aback - a lot more than I would have expected at that. I conclude the quick funeral by blowing The Sad Willow.

A short while later, we find ourselves discussing the issues which have confronted us. We do not know or understand what is going on. The general consensus seems to be that I (being the only man in the group) must dress up in the outfit of the dead Whitecloak. Eleya has even washed the bloodstains out!

Naturally, my stomach turns at the suggestion. However, we are in desperate need for more information. But I would feel a whole lot more confident if I had listened in on the Whitecloaks for a while, to help me pass a casual scrutiny. I convey my feelings to the others, and mention that I am off for Salidar, hoping to find out something, anything, that can help us.

14th Day of Danu, 999 NE

It is past midnight as I return to the group. As they have already started sleeping, I practice my stealth by sneaking up on Eleya (who has the watch before me) and tap her on the shoulder, relieving her of her watch. She is startled, and wonders where I have been, but that can wait until sunrise.

My welcome the following morning is something of a disappointment to me: apparently they have all ignored me and were wondering where I had been. I quickly report my findings, noting that it seems as though the Whities are busy moving (they have two full carts outside the main building). It is decided that we should check this out - maybe we can catch a glimpse of the missing Aes Sedai Sisters...

Swiftly we arrive at the west road, near the village. A quick scouting mission reveales that the carts are gone and that a handful of Whities are left behind, seemingly to torch their former headquarters. As the missing Sisters could be inside that building, we quickly decide to take action. I sneak away to a flanking position. Before I am in position, Tadra has started the battle by shooting at one of the Whitecloaks. They charge for the others, but before they get close, an enormous Be'hlarah steps from the edge of the forest. The Whitecloaks seem stricken with fear and unable to take action.

Deciding that the battle goes well enough, I head inside the building and quickly search for anyone or anything special. The building is stripped and the air inside rich with the thick stench of oil. My efforts are in vain, however. There is not a trace to be found.

As I return outside, I notice that apparently the battle continued without me, for all but one Whitecloak have disappeared. That one is standing motionless.

I find that a devastating discovery has been made. At the site of an enormous bonfire, three rings and the remains of several humans have been found. I fall backward to the ground as the meaning of this dawns upon me.

Suddenly I feel a hundred eyes staring at me, penetrating my grief. Through my blurry vision, I notice that a nearby fir tree is filled, trunk to top, with ravens. The Dark One's eyes! As they notice that they have been noticed, they take off and fly in formation south, the direction of Ebou Dar.

At long last we decide to use the ter'angreal which has been entrusted to our care. A brief report of the recent events is spoken to the disc-shaped object by Tryane. All we can do now is wait - and interrogate the Whitecloak whom has been captured.

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