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Session 6 (Kheldar)

Played on 2004/10/03

As written by the hand of Kheldar

14th Day of Danu, 999 NE (continued)

After a short discussion by the Accepted, Eleya is burdened with questioning the prisoner. I distance myself from the discussion, feeling sad and lost for the moment. In the course of the questioning, we learn that the Whitecloaks were ordered to come here, take charge of the village and suppress all opposition - they came here to eradicate the "witches". Furthermore, the Sisters have been executed. Albeit at a large cost in human lives - our prisoner speaks of somewhere between 40 and 60 wounded and dead Whitecloaks. He also mentions, that the Sisters were already dead when they were burned. This brings a small modicum of relief to us.

His story sounds somewhat unbelievable, as an Aes Sedai would certainly not be easily dealt with. Since he claims not to have been around when this all happened, and that he only learned it through the tales of others, the veracity of his story remains questionable.

We gather once again and discuss our options. Be'hlarah is quite in favour of following the other Aes Sedai, while I feel that we have unfinished business at the Furlan estate. On the other hand, we have just contacted the Amyrlin Seat, so maybe we should remain here in order for a message from her to reach us.

For the moment that sounds like the best option. However, there is still our prisoner. If he would just depart under the impression that we were indeed following the other Aes Sedai in the direction of Tar Valon, we could probably remain here in relative safety for a short while.

A plan is quickly formed. We will ride on our horses in that direction, releasing the Whitecloak when we are at a safe distance. We will continue upon that direction for some time, and then later venture back.

As it is planned, so it is executed. A not too short while after releasing the Whitecloak, Tadra is sent back to investigate his whereabouts. It takes her quite some time. When she comes back, her report runs along the following lines: she saw him take some items from the building and head off in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, he also spotted her. A battle ensued in which he was killed by Tadra.

As we ride back to the remnants of the once adorable hamlet known as Salidar, Be'hlarah mentions that she might have a few tricks up her sleeve to hide our campsite. This would enable us to camp in the middle of the ruins, giving us a premium spot for observation.

The results of Be'hlarah's handiwork are impressive! From outside the perimeter of the effect one believes to see only ruins, while on the inside our campsite and its occupants become visible and audible. The effect is nigh unbelievable. Within this safe haven, we prepare ourselves for a watchful night.

15th Day of Danu, 999 NE

To break the monotony of the wait, and to gather as much information as we can about what has happened, Tadra and I diligently sweep-search the forested area up to a circular perimeter of some five miles. Although I am forced to return without any discovery of consequence, Tadra has located a most extraordinary place. She mentions something about uprooted trees and traces of dragged bodies. This is more than enough to entice the curiosity of all of us, so we decide that we all should go take a look.

En route to this excursion, Tadra mentions that she also saw numerous indicators that pointed out that the Whitecloaks have travelled west, in the direction from whence they came. As we arrive at the spot Tadra had found, I cannot agree more that this is a strange sight.

It seems as though trees have been thrown around. Some look as though they have been tossed away. Even before Be'hlarah confirms the heavy use of the One Power, everyone suspects that at least one of the Sisters made her last stand here. Be'hlarah even manages to sense that the form of Air was most heavily utilised, although all forms of the One Power - Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit - are present. This can be seen as an indication that the battle concerned only one Sister, as others would invariably have a different style and command a different range of powers.

As the sweep took up the largest part of the day, it is no more than logical that after the ensuing excursion we are all ready to call it a day. We head back, prepare for the night and (of course) keep a close watch on anything suspicious.

16th Day of Danu, 999 NE

This morning Tadra and I feel somewhat left out. The Accepted are talking amongst themselves with huddled voices. A non-too subtle hint from Tadra causes them to speak up.

They have apparently all been visited by the Amyrlin Seat in their dreams. She spoke to them: She feels the loss of the Sisters as keenly as we do. Our actions have impressed her, we have exceeded expectations. Our original mission can be considered fulfilled, Salidar will no longer function as a safe haven and she will make sure the straggled Sisters will hear of this. There is no way we will catch up to the group heading for Tar Valon, and remaining in Salidar is no longer necessary. However, in our report there was one item that stood out: the incident at the Furlan estate. There is no need to go there, as any Darkfriends that may have resided there will surely have left after the commotion. However, Eadrica Sedai's description of her murderer seemed to indicate an Ebou Dari. Egwene Sedai would like us to go there, investigate this and meet with Nyneave Sedai and Elaine Sedai. These two Sisters could probably use our help.

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