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Full Name: Be'hlarah Ahr'Rut
Character Type: Female Noble Initiate
Background: Tar Valoner

Be'hlarah is a strongly opinionated wannabe politician. Not a charismatic one, but an honest and direct one.
Not scared to give her opinion and she won't let a chance pass to give it if she deems it a good time. Good at reading other people and trying to logically explain the right way (in her eyes) to do something. She will not resort to deceit or lying.

She is very much pro Aes Sedai and the ways of the Aes Sedai, in that the world should be kept safe with the help of the Aes Sedai.
Against the way the original White Tower is run now since the splitting of the Aes Sedai and the new fake Amyrlin Seat. This is the reason she came with the other 'rebellious' Aes Sedai to Salidar. She is almost fanatical in her need to help the 'good' Aes Sedai getting back into the Tower.

Str:	8
Dex:	8
Con:	14
Int:	16
Wis:	15
Cha:	10

Illusion and Warding


Tie off Weave
Extra Talent: Warding
Cosmopolitan: Extra skill: Innuendo

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