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Full Name: Kheldar ...
Character Type: Male Wanderer
Background: Tar Valoner


Little does Kheldar remember of his mother, although he realises that both he and his father both loved her dearly. He spent most of his early years travelling with his father and acting out the characters of his father's stories. This changed abruptly when the tavern they were staying came under attack. His father then stuck closer and closer to Tar Valon, and although he kept saying "the best stories are the ones that have really happened", it was quite clear he was of no mind to expose his son to another story.

At the tender age of 7, Kheldar's father managed to secure a place in the Tower for Kheldar. He was to be one of the servants. Since that time, although they miss eachother much and still love eachother, contact between Kheldar and his father slowly dwindled down to once or twice per year. His father is travelling once again extensively. He would have asked Kheldar to join him, when he became older, but in the mean time it was clear that Kheldar had found a niche at the Tower.

Of course, being 7 and alone in a strict society such as the Aes Sedai is somewhat harsh. Naturally, there were bouts of mischief, of sneaking around and of feeling lonely. This all changed, however, when Kheldar was punished for a trifling business by helping out at the Tower library. He could read (quite a bit better than most children his age actually), and was amazed at the sight of all those books. After having served his sentence, he searched around for a book on the stories his father always told.

He was noticed by one of the librarians, because he was starting to run down aisles and kept muttering angrily "no, no, no!". She was about to scold him, but received a scolding herself (from this little boy nonetheless) about the organisation of the library. This amused her enough to take the time to explain the cataloguing system.

Needless to say, Kheldar found a friend and shortly afterwards was assigned to the library. Because of his young age he was often sent to retrieve overdue books from Sisters. The reasoning was of course that a cute child might well succeed where strictness and being right might not.

Because of this, Kheldar has slightly distorted view of Aes Sedai. He is always respectful, but he realises they are people (after all, all of them have at one time or another been late in handing books in - so they make mistakes and that proves them human) and treats them much more like that than others.

Of course, this did not sit well with all Sisters. Although he became good enough to smooth things over with most, the ones who kept stirring up trouble were usually of the Red cloth. And so, when the old Amyrlin Seat was deposed and a Red Sister installed, he left the Tower. He did manage to send a message to his father about that he had left, and would see him again some day.

Character sheet

Level 6 Male Wanderer.
Hitpoints: 22
Defense:   19 = 10 (base)  +5 (class) +4 (dex)

Str:     5 (-3)
Dex:    18 (+4)
Con:     8 (-1)
Int:    16 (+3)
Wis:     9 (-1)
Cha:    14 (+2)

      Base  Ability        total
Fort    2    (con) -1       +1
Reflex  5    (dex) +4       +9
Will    3    (wis) -1       +2

Base attack: +4
Def Bonus: +5

Class perks:
- Smooth talk (background feat)
  +2 bonus on Dipl. and Sense motive
- Illicit Barter (class feat)
  +5 Competence bonus on Dipl. checks to buy/sell illegal goods
- Dark One's Own Luck (class feat)
  Once per day, re-roll any one die whose outcome is dictated mostly by luck
- Skill Emphasis (class feat)
  +3 on any one class skill, that being: Tumble
- Sneak attack (class feature)
  When flanking or defender has lost dex bonus to defense, add 2d6 damage

- Ambidexterity
  No offhand. Fighting with two weapons is at -6 (main), -6 (secondary).
  (Light off-hand weapon: -4 (main), -4 (off-hand))
- Weapon Finesse (dagger)
  Use Dex modifier instead of Str modifier for attacks with this weapon
- Weapon Finesse (rapier)
  Use Dex modifier instead of Str modifier for attacks with this weapon

- Background: +4
- 1st lvl: 44
- 2nd lvl: +11  (+5hp, including con modifier)
- 3rd lvl: +11  (+2hp, including con modifier)
- 4th lvl: +11  (+2hp, including con modifier)
- 5th lvl: +11  (+4hp, including con modifier)
- 6th lvl: +11  (+4hp, including con modifier)

Skills           Ability mod  Ranks  Misc              Total
Balance          (dex) +4            +2 (tumble)         6
Bluff            (cha) +2      +5                        7
Climb            (str) -3      +6                        3
Diplomacy        (cha) +2      +5    +2 (Smooth Talk)
                                     +2 (Bluff)
                                     +2 (Sense Motive)  13
Disguise         (cha) +2            +0/+2 (Bluff)       2/4*
Escape artist    (dex) +4      +5                        9
Gather Info      (cha) +2      +4                        6
Hide             (dex) +4      +9                       12
Intimidate       (cha) +2            +2 (Bluff)          4
Jump             (str) -3            +2 (Tumble)        -1

Knw (Age of Leg) (int) +3      +5                        8
Knw (Arcana)	 (int) +3      +4			 7
Knw (Geography)	 (int) +3      +3			 6
Knw (History)	 (int) +3      +4			 7
Knw (Local)      (int) +3      +1			 4
Knw (Nob&Roy)	 (int) +3      +1			 4

Move Silently    (dex) +4      +9                       13
Open Lock        (dex) +4      +9                       13
Perform          (cha) +2      +9                       11
Pick Pocket      (dex) +4      +9    +2 (Bluff)         15
Sense Motive     (wis) -1      +5    +2 (Smooth Talk)    6
Spot             (wis) -1      +1                        0
Tumble           (dex) +4      +9    +3 (Skill Emph)    16

* If acting in character

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