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Full Name: Tryane Ahr'Rut
Character Type: Female Noble Initiate
Background: Tar Valoner

Tryane and Be'hlara were born as twins and raised in Tar Valon in the noble family of Ahr'Rut. Although their parents, Lord and Lady Ahr'Rut, did not want to talk about it, not too long ago the Ahr'Rut family was held in great esteem. For some reason unknown to the twins the family fell from the Aes Sedai's grace before the twins were born. Ever since, or at least as long as the twins have lived, the lord and lady have done their utmost best to again ascend into the higher noble ranks. Although the parents were always morally correct, the noble false flatteries started to annoy the twins quickly. Tryane sought her escape in books, getting lost in the wondrous tales of old. After some years the parents' efforts started to pay off and they started to climb the ranks once more.

At a young age, Be'hlara started to manifest very spurious channeling ability and Tryane found she could channel if she held hands with Be'hlara and concentrated very hard. As soon as their parents discovered the twins' channeling capabilities, they were overjoyed. They hoped that if the twins did well with the Aes Sedai they could regain their trust and reclaim their position in nobility. So their father quickly brought the twins to the Aes Sedai's attention and they were enrolled as initiates. The twins liked their lives as initiates. Tryane got the chance to satiate her curiosity and was very excited about all she could learn here. Be'hlara loved the chance to witness some real politics. During their training they learned to link up to use the One Power even better, helped by their strong family connection.

Be'hlara grew up to be a young woman, strongly interested in politics. Tryane was still as curious, happy and naive as she ever was. She loves all the chances the Aes Sedai offer her for learning and longs to expand her channeling capabilities.

STR 8 -1
DEX 10 0
CON 14 +2
INT 16 +3
WIS 14 +2
CHA 10 +0

HP 6
DEF 12
SPD 30


Melee -1
Ranged 0

Weapon dagger -1/1d4 (only used as a tool)

composure 4 ranks (+6)
concentration 4 ranks (+6)
decipher script 4 ranks (+7)
diplomacy 4 ranks (+6)
heal 4 ranks (+6)
knowledge (age of legends) 2 ranks (+5)
knowledge (arcana) 4 ranks (+7)
knowledge (nobility & royalty) 2 ranks (+5)
weavesight 4 ranks (+11)


Tie-off weave
Smooth talk
Extra affinity (water)

One power talents


One power affinities



Common (Midlands, Borderlands, Cairhien, Illian)


Arms of air
Harden air
Tool of air
Blade of fire
Create fire

(hier willen we het nog even over hebben:
We wilden misschien in plaats van 1 zo'n weave
elk een level 2 weave kiezen die we dus alleen
kunnen casten als we linken of overchannelen,
omdat we extreem gewend zijn om met elkaar
te linken.)


Scholar's clothes
Small steel mirror
Trail rations

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