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Max Corrison
print layout
Character Type: Gunslinger
Life Points: 38
Drama Points: 10
Strength 3 Intelligence 2
Dexterity 5 Perception 4
Constitution 4 Willpower 3
Acrobatics 2 Knowledge 0
Art 0 Languages 0
Computer 0 Medical 1
Crime 3 Mr. Fix-It 0
Drive 3 Notice 2
Getting Personal 2 Old Style 2
Gun Play 6 Science 0
Influence 3 Wild Card 0
Mercenary (EDEN p9, 5-point Quality)
You are a mercenary, always looking for a way to earn more money. You have some kind of ethic you follow. You receive two free points to place in any of your physical Attributes (DEX, PER), one point in a crime-related skill and two points to your ability to use firearms.
Ship weapons (EDEN p13, 5-point Quality, GM decree)
Our ship has one mounted gun turret.
Acute sight (BUFFY p34, 2-point Quality)
Gives your character a +3 bonus to any Perception-related roll that relies on sight.
Fast reaction time (BUFFY p39, 2-point Quality)
In (space) combat, contact sports or other physical confrontation, you gain a +5 bonus for Initiative purposes, modified by common sense.
Can't back down (EDEN p8, 4-point Drawback)
He cannot ignore people talking about soldiers and the war, especially when the role of civilians and/or neutral organizaitons are included. He will never walk away from asking someone to explain his inexcusable opinion — no matter how stupid or ill advised it may be. Whether the person in question is a star ship officer or the local drunkard, he cannot leave it alone.
Bad reputation (EDEN p10, 4-point Drawback, 2 levels)
He is known for having done "something" bad during the war, but many details have been lost during the intervening years. However his full name triggers at least something in most people's minds as the trial was big on public TV. Of course, details can surface during the most inconvenient times....
Seriously Honorable (BUFFY p40, 2-point Drawback)
Even before his war incident, he was honorable to a fault by rescuing civilians and thereby putting the platoon in danger. The whole trial only strengthened his honorable feelings. This code of behaviour will not be broken lightly, if at all. In a life-or-death situation where honor must be ignored, he must do so, but even then a Willpower (not doubled) Test is necessary to overcome the psychological barriers reinforcing this code.
He always keeps his word and does his best to fullfill any promises he makes. He will not betray the trust of others once he has accepted it. He may be reluctant to give his word except in a good cause (at least a good cause as he sees it), because once it has been given he will abide by it.
Combat Maneuvers
ManeuverBonusBase DamageNotes
Dodge7-Avoid getting hit
Aiming11-Adds Success Levels to shooting roll
Standard Peacemaker Pistol1114Clip: 12, Range: Pistol
Plasma Assault Rifle1130Clip: 20, Range: Rifle
Heavy Pistol1122Clip: 12, Range: Pistol
Was a soldier in the campaign on Chrysantos. Got accused of murdering a whole village including non-combatants. During the investigation a grave was found with the bones of the women and children of the village. Trial found him guilty of mass-murder. Escaped during transportation to a high security prison.
His version of events is that he was setup by his platoon. This is not unlikely as his honor did get them in some binds before.
After his escape he found a job here and there using his gun/mercenary skills. While inbetween some jobs, he met Lotus who sought him out as she needed a gunman and she could identify with his story. So he came to be stationed on the "Safe Haven", which made him feel like home for the first time in forever. After numerous adventures, he even felt as if Lotus trusted him even though his trial was clearly known to her.

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