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Ian Smal
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Character Type: Pilot (soon)
Life Points: 26
Drama Points: 10
Description: 17 years old, 1.71, 68kg, green eyes, dark hair.
Strength 2 Intelligence 3
Dexterity 4 Perception 3
Constitution 2 Willpower 2
Acrobatics 2 Knowledge 0
Art 0 Languages 0
Computer 1 Medical 0
Crime 4 Mr. Fix-It 0
Drive 0 Notice 4
Getting Personal 1 Old Style 0
Gun Play 1 Science 0
Influence 0 Wild Card (Pilot) 4+1
Talented (Pilot) (5-point Quality)
You are unnaturally good at a certain skill. You gain a +1 bonus when you use it. In addition, you can always make a roll for anything that may apply to the skill, even if it is something you have no expe- rience in doing.
Spacecraft - Fast Engine (3-point Quality)
Our ship is fast! The ship’s engines modify the positioning roll which you have to make during space combat, according to their cost.
Fast reaction time (2-point Quality)
In (space) combat, contact sports or other physical confrontation, you gain a +5 bonus for Initiative purposes, modified by common sense. Aslo provides +1 on Willpower Tests to resist fear.
Good Luck (2-point Quality, 2 levels)
Each level of Luck counts as a +1 bonus (or -1 penalty) that can be applied to any roll, after the die is rolled, once per game session. Multiple levels can be added together for a big bonus on one roll, or spread around several different actions.
Situational Awareness (3-point Quality)
These characters gain a +2 bonus to any Perception-based roll to sense trouble or danger in the immediate surroundings. The same bonus applies when they resist any Crime or Acrobatics rolls made to sneak up on them.
Teenager (2-point Drawback)
Most of the problems teenagers face are social. Most adults instinctively distrust and look down on them, they have a lot of legal restrictions, and they have parents or guardians bossing them around. And then there’s all that angst and heartbreak of their so-called lives. 'social' problems, legal restrictions
Adversary (Law) (2-point Drawback, 1 level)
The alliance wants to put you in prison, because they think you killed a rich kid in cold blood. There were witnesses that told them that.
Combat Maneuvers
ManeuverBonusBase DamageNotes
Dodge5-Avoid getting hit
Hand Blaster518Clip: 6
Standard Peacemaker Pistol514Clip: 12
Aiming4-Adds Success Levels to shooting roll
- Dataslate containing a lot of games, space ship manuals, security system hacking software, etc (stolen from a rich kid)
- Lockpicks
- Climbing tools
- Peacemaker pistol given to him by Max during their first heist

Ian was found on the planet Tethannis during the civil war when he was just a baby, and was put into Foster care on the Alliance planet Folia Prime. At least, that's what they told him...

During his childhood he had different Foster Parents. Often moving from one to another one when they had enough of him. It never felt like he had a home. Often he was wandering around. Trying to break in somewhere when he was bored, just to see if he could get in. The rest of the time he spend on him room, using space flight simulators. He was really talented in that, and he enjoyed doing it. It helped him forget the rest of his terrible life, and he always dreamed of being a pilot. He learned how to fly almost every spaceship there was (in the simulator).

When he was 14, he applied for a sponsorship for flight school, since he could never afford it himself. He wasn't sure why, maybe it was just luck, or maybe he did great at the test, but he got in!

Flight school itself was great, but the rich kids were terrible. They didn't like being beaten by this Foster boy. And often after school they ganged up, and bullied him.

At some point he was bullied again by 5 rich kids. One of them had a knife. During the fight Ian accidently pushed the knife into one of the kids arteries. Blood was everywhere, and Ian ran away as quickly as he could. He was sure the other kids would tell that he did it on purpose. Also his flight school carreer was over, and all his dreams about being a pilot.

While fleeing he bumped into Lotus. She seem interested in him, and offered him a drink. They talked a little, and when she found out he was almost a pilot, she asked him to join her crew. Ian was very impressed by her, and was sure that if he stayed on this planet, he would have to go to prison for a long time. So he decided to join her crew.

Before they left, Ian told the ship's crew about a pair of gravimetric dampers, which would vastly improve the speed of the ship. Ian once saw those in some storage space he broke into, but never thought about taking them away, since they are useless without a ship. Together with Max they stole them, and the engineer put them into the ship.

gravimetric dampers

They left quickly after, and it was then that Ian found out the old pilot died, and he had to fly the ship... did Lotus really put him into control after he told her he never had flown a real space ship before?

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