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Richard Falco
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Character Type: Engineer
Life Points: 26
Drama Points: 10
Description: 32 years old, 1.81m, 81kg,
XP: 11 (10 spent)
Strength 2 Intelligence 5
Dexterity 2 Perception 5
Constitution 2 Willpower 3 (+1 against fear)
+1 for memory related checks
-1 for any roll involving social situations
Acrobatics 0 Knowledge 5
Art 0 Languages 0
Computer 6 Medical 0
Crime 0 Mr. Fix-It 6
Drive 0 Notice 3
Getting Personal 0 Old Style 0
Gun Play 0 Science 3
Influence 0
Perfectionist. Pakt geen dingen half aan. Doet iets perfect of niet.

Van oorsprong researching fieldworker, geoloog

Vond dat hij niet snel genoeg informatie tot zich kon nemen in die job en besloot van de planeet af te willen en zoveel mogelijk in korte tijd te zien.

Leerde daarom het vak van Spaceship-mechanic. Eerst in de leer bij een scheepsbouwer met daarnaast studie in elk vrij uurtje. Nadat hij daar niks meer kon leren, ging hij bij een lokale spaceship dumpyard werken en bouwde in zijn vrije uren van een wrak (wat betreft mechaniek en electronica) dat hij kocht met zijn laatste spaarcenten een zeer goed presterend ship. Op een dag is hij Lotusblossom tegengekomen en heeft hij een deal gesloten dat zij het schip mocht overkopen tegen een kleine vergoeding, op voorwaarde dat Richard mee mocht... van deze beklemmende planeet af.
Soon after that we took Faith on board as Pilot of the SS Safe Haven and we met Yin, Max and Daisy.
Acute Sense (2 points)
Acute sense gives your character a +3 bonus to any perception check concerning Electronics and Mechanics.
Fast Reaction Time (2 points)
In combat, contact sports or other physical confrontations, characters with this Quality gain a +5 bonus for Initiative purposes, modified by common sense (Fast Reaction Time cannot help the target of a sniper half a mile away, for example). This Quality also provides a bonus of +1 on Willpower Tests to resist fear. +1 Willpower to resist Fear
Nerd (3 points)
Your character is one of the smart, naybe brilliant types, more comfortable with a book or a computer than any other people. Nerds don't have many friends (except maybe online), but hey, in a few years they will make their first million bucks and will be able to buy new friends.
Nerds gain +1 to any two mental Attributes, to a maximum level of six (bonuses cannot be stacked on one Attribute); +2 skill levels to be added to any one of the following: Computers, Knowledge, or Science; -1 penalty in any roll involving social situations (due to either prejudice against them, or their own social ineptitude).
Photographic Memory (2 points)
A photographic memory grants your character an uncanny ability to remember things. After reading a book, he can quote passages without missing a word, and he almost never forgets anything. The Director will provide information that your character would remember whenever it is necessary. Also, your Cast Member receives a +1 bonus to any skill roll where memorizing facts is useful, such as Knowledge and Science. Finally, any rolls where memory plays a role gain a +1 to +3 bonus, at the Director's discretion. Oh, and gambling against these card counters extraordinaire is probably a bad idea. +1 to any skill where memory is important (e.g. Science and Knowledge)
Talented Mr. Fix-it (5 points)
You are unnaturally good at Mr. Fix-it. You gain a +1 bonus when you use it. In addition, you can always make a roll for anything that may apply to the skill, even if it is something you have no experience in doing. Your natural talent grants you a better intuition than most. You may also improve your skill level to greater than any usual maximum your Director may apply with experience points. +1 to Mr. Fix-it skill
Spaceship Equipment - Sensors and Electronics (2 points)
Good Stuff
Non Combatant (2 points)
You don't like getting into fights. You just don't like to hurt folks. You just cannot throw the first punch. You will not fight anyone who hasn't directly attempted to attack you. Hit by a grenade or other area effect doesn't count as a reason to fight, unless they throw it at you specifically.
Obsession (2 points)
No one but Richard will service the engine and other ship parts. New parts can be placed by other engineers, but only under Richard's supervision.
  • Standard gun
  • Multi-Tool (modern version of a swiss army knife. Includes a multimeter)
  • Maintenance tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, etc)
  • Many reference (e-)books

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