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Jasmijn 'Bella Novo' Zeelen
Name: Jasmijn 'Bella Novo' Zeelen
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Nationality: Dutch


  • 9-2-2102 - Born in Sappemeer(NL)
  • 2118 - Started to study chemistry at the Groningen University - Joined "Vindicat"
  • 2122 - Travelled around the world for a year
  • 2123 - Started working for Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company
  • Now - Working on a project to develop a drug which controls body functions during cryogenic sleep
  • Her boss received a ticket for the great voyage, but Jasmijn got to go...


Jasmijn Zeelen (me) was born on a cold and snowy Saturday, the ninth of February. My parents, Menno and Aafke worked together in a law firm which they ran together with a partner: Zeelen, Zeelen & Boskoop.
I grow up in luxury, with everything I could ever desire. My mother home schooled me to avoid early age contact with some of the weird individuals out there. Eventually at the age of sixteen I passed all my exams and thus got admitted at the University where I started to learn all about chemistry and especially in relation to pharmaceutical application.

Being only sixteen years of age was kinda weird in an environment where most people were male and at least three years older. Hence why I initially put up a big social wall. But being one of the prettiest girls around I couldn't keep that up so I had to come up with something else and I started to experiment with my chemistry set.
Eventually after a lot of trial and error (sorry guys who got hurt 'somewhat' during those experiments) I came up with a drug which convinced the user they had the time of their life, which felt 100% real, without it actually happening. This way, when someone again wanted something of of me, I just slipped some into their beer (always the same with those frat boys, come on be original and drink something else for a change), took them to my dorm and had them think they were the man and all that jazz.
The next day they'd consider themselves having earned bragging rights, and they'd be of my back as it still felt somewhat weird to them somehow.

This drug also got me into the highranked position at Pfizer. I used some components from it in my graduate project and that already was sufficient to get the CEO interested. Somehow he had this big project for the company which would earn them billions. Nobody knew what the project was about until the announcement about Far Travelling.
My full version of the drug also worked on the CEO. This way I was able to gather some spicy material which some day might come in handy. I never knew that day would come this soon though. They day it was announced that the first ship would be departing soon was also the day I learned that my boss had obtained a ticket to this first ride, completely due to the hard work I put into the development of the sleeping drug which was to be used to control all bodily functions during cryogenic sleep. The bastard had taken all the credit... how incredibly typical.
So using the material I had, I 'persuaded' him into letting me go on this trip. I still believe it was me who had earned that spot!


I was born on a cold Saturday morning in February. As my parents made quite a decent living as partners in a law firm, I got everything I ever wanted, including the mandatory pony's and barbie's dreamhouse.
My mum home-schooled me until the age of sixteen when I passed all my exams with flying colors. With some important friends of his, my dad was able to get me into the university. There I majored in chemistry with a little bit of medicine in my spare time. This evolved into a pharmaceutical graduation project which matched my broad interest in development and use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Due to my protected upbringing my initial university years I was the odd one out. First of all way to young, second a girl and third but perhaps most important, the most beautiful girl around. So I couldn't just go around unnoticed. Some sorority girls then introduced me to "Vindicat", where I quickly grew in popularity both amongst the girls and the guys. This way I also got to know some of the alumni members who had made it in the corporate world.

Amongst them I met some who were connected to the CEO of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Caven Kindler. This way I got introduced there and this eventually turned into my final graduation project. With a Summa Cum Laude master degree in pharmaceutical medicine, it wasn't a tough choice for Caven to hire me as one of their new upcoming researchers. It also helped a lot that I played a major role in the development of the cryo-drugs to be used on the far travel project which was about to launch.

My boss got a ticket for the first ride of our planet. But he thought I had deserved that spot as the major contributor to the cryo-drug project, hence how I got to go. Now I'm really curious what we'll end up with after the journey's over.

In new situations Jasmijn won't feel at ease at all, she needs a father(ly) figure to fall back on. Someone to guide her throught he first steps. But eventually when she does start to feel confident then she's all that, arrgant, cocky, etc.
Big mouth, small heart.

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