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Knut Ulvestad
Name: Knut Ulvestad
Job: Mechanic/Engineer
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Nationality: Norwegian
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  • 2084 - Born in a city in the north of Norway.
  • 2100 - Started to work for the Northern Europe Mining Corporation.
  • 2116 - Escape from the volcanic mine explosion.
  • 2122 - Started to work on 'the Ship'.
  • 2124 - Met and upgraded $droid
  • 2126 - Lost his lower left arm with an accident.
  • 2131 - Brought into cryogenic sleep.


Knut was born in the north of Norway, in the city Tromsø. There he went to school. He spent his spare time with searching junkyards for old cars, robots and other machinery. He then tried to get them working again, or made up new machines.

At the age of 16 he quit school and started to work for the big mining corporation NEMC (Northern Europe Mining Corporation). Mining became more and more needed again because easier accessible resources started to become scarce again. These mines went tens of kilometres under the ground and the mining was mostly done by machines. Temperatures there were very high. Still they also needed people under the ground to drive and repair the machines. It weren't popular jobs, but Knut didn't mind being in the dark for long, and it payed good for someone with his education.

There he sometimes spend months under the ground, repairing and improving the digging machines, elevators and all kind of stuff. The company started to appreciate his work and he worked there for years. This continued till Knut was about 32 years old. Less and less resources were mined each year, and they had to go deeper and deeper.

It was the year 2116 when things went wrong. That day they reached liquid stone. Because of the huge pressure there, the shafts started to fill up quickly. Knut with his team was in another shaft, and as soon as they heard the news on their radio they closed the opening to the rest of the mining system by letting a kilometer long tunnel collapse.

They started to mine a new shaft up to the surface. And thanks to keeping the drill working, and having enough food and air to survive half a year, they succeeded and reached the surface 5 months after the disaster.

There they found out that the volcanic explosion that destroyed Tromsø and it surroundings. Their family died, and the mining corporation went bankrupt and closed all mining facilities.

The next 5 years Knut had a lot of different jobs in a lot of different places on the world. All of the jobs had something to do with fixing machines, cars, robots, trains, aircrafts etc. He knew all about engines, working with metal, and he even learned some stuff about robots. The thing he kept away from was all the scary computer stuff.

Meanwhile things in the world weren't going good. More and more mines were closed, and resources were becoming scarce and expensive. It was that time when Knut heard about the Voyage project.

In the year 2122 he could find a job for one of the companies leading the project. There he helped building a part of what they called 'the ship' for 10 years. 2 years after he started to work there he was given a former combat droid, named $droid, to repair and upgrade. The corporation had to retract some of their resources from their army so they could invest more in the ship. First Knut applied some changes to the droid, replacing some of the guns and rocket launchers by more useful tools and soon they worked together. In their spare time $droid learned Knut some combat basics because they might become useful some day, because of the world crime levels that increased dramatically.

In 2126 an accident happened to Knut. His left arm got stuck between some big gears of a machine he was working on. First they tried to get his arm out, but in the end they had to cut if off just below the elbow. Because Knut was crusial for the corporation, they decided to pay for a robot forearm and hand so Knut could continue to do his work. But someway Knut had problems getting the small movements of the robot hand right. So he decided it would be more useful if he had a big strong tool for his left arm. So he started to disemble the robot hand and upgraded it to the mechanical arm he has now, which was a lot stronger, easier to use, and more useful in his work. He still had his right hand for when fine movement was needed.

Because of the great work he did, Knut was offered a spot on the first ship as one of the onboard emergency mechanics. He gladly accepted it and also submitted a request if $droid could join on the ship. This request was approved, since $droid wouldn't cost a cryo-spot anyway and could be turned off till needed. More details about how exactly the rest of ship was build or what the flight plan was weren't given. Knut was brought into cryonics sleep and would be awaken if mechanical help would be needed.

Character sheet:

(+2 ergens op is max voor Dramatic character)
 1 Fitness  0 Awareness  0 Creativity  1 Reasoning  0 Influence
 2 Dexterity (+1)
 2 Muscle (+1)
 1 Quickness
 0 Agility (-1)
 0 Flexibility (-1)
 1 Vision (+1)
 1 Smell (+1)
 1 Instinct (+1)
 0 Taste
 0 Cognizance
-1 Hearing (-1)
-1 Touch (-1)
-1 Empathy (-1)
 2 Improvisation (+2)
 1 Visualization (+1)
-1 Manipulation (-1)
-1 Harmony (-1)
-1 Emulate (-1)
 2 Deduction (+1)
 1 Memory
 0 Numbers (-1)
 0 Charm
 0 Financial
 0 Appearance

(2 Novice, 3 Proficient, 1 Expert)
Engineering (Mechanical)

uhm... evt Tolerance to Pain: (used to working long/hard, used to small accidents ("nah, that's no cut..."). Working underground without a doctor nearby for long periods made him more resistant to pain (you get used to it). Also some nerves are damaged over the years, so parts of his body don't have much feeling anymore)... (als het te goed is kan evt ook 'reduces penaltys bij 1 (or 2)')

- Codes: Never replace something that can be repaired. It never hurts to upgrade.
- Faults: evt "afraid to be alone",
- Objectives:

Synergy with $droid

(this are default values)
Luck: 4
Discipline: 2

  • Tool belt: Has all 'smaller size' tools an engineer would need.
  • Mechanical left arm:
    • Made of titanium.
    • The end can rotate and grasp things.
    • Does (bijv?) 2INJ damage when used for smashing (brawling).
    • Build in blow torch.
  • Large container with lots of spare parts.
  • 'simple' handgun
  • Older bullet-proof vest (used with gun practice)

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