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Manon-Thérèse Renard
Name: Manon-Thérèse Renard
Job: Reporter
Gender: Female
Age: 37
Nationality: French


Manon-Thérèse is an elegant woman in her late thirties. Her grace is one rarely seen in the 22nd century and is reminiscent of a 1950's movie star. This weird, old-school look (to temporary standards at least) makes her stand out if she wants to, and often when she doesn't want to. However, it's her trademark and she won't abandon it. A burning cigarette is often found in her left hand. Often wears a hat and when outside a sturdy raincoat.
About 1m70 long, curly brown hair, hazel eyes.
(Her appearance is a cross between Gwynneth Palthrow's in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and French actress Eva Green's, as pictured here on the right.)


  • 2094: Born in Paris, capital of France-Grande
  • 2112: Entered Sorbonne University, majoring in journalism and getting a minor in cinema
  • 2119: Graduated with high marks, started as a reporter Le Parisien
  • 2123: Discovered corruption in the Paris administration
  • 2124: Exposed scandals to public, gained international fame
  • 2131: Embarks on the Marina Gamba on a voyage to Gnapho II in the 61 Cygni system


Manon-Thérèse was born in 2194 in a suburb of Paris, the capital of France-Grande. Her parents Laetitia and Virgil were hard-working, honest merchants and had one other child, Justin. Their childhood was free of any major worries. Manon and her younger brother both got a decent education. When it became apparent that "Mimi" was very smart, her parents worked very hard to pay for an education at the Sorbonne.

The brunette did all the usual things one expects from students. But while she partied quite a lot, she never forgot to study. Her parents gave her her chance and she was not about to squander it.
Her major was journalism, but she also pursued a minor in cinema and film-editing. During a course, she fell in love with the old 20th-century movies and the "film noir" genre in particular. It spoke to her romantic self in a way no modern art form could. In the final assignment for the course, she and her Iberian friend Penelope played the shrewd investigator and the femme fatale in an old-fashioned drama.

Our heroine graduated in due time with high marks and immediately started as a reporter at Le Parisien, a major newspaper. There she slowly worked her way up until she could more or less choose her own stories to write. She distinguished herself from her colleagues by her intense demeanor and tenacity, and a certain terse writing style. Of course, her writing was accompanied by visiorecs.

Her big break as a reporter came in 2123/2124 as Manon-Thérèse uncovered several related scandals and cases of corruption in the Paris administration. She is warned by her superiors at Le Parisien to not pursue her investigation, she continued and exposed multiple high-ranking officials.
This brought her a lot of fame, as she was now known as "our girl on the streets, fightin' crime" and "Marianne", the personification of the national emblem of France. Indeed, her "outlandish" looks helped her to stay there.

Manon-Thérèse Renard wanted to be among the first to embark on the voyage to the stars. It represents an amazing opportunity and tickles her romantic self. She suspects that her rapid acception was at least partially hastened by officials who want to get rid of her.

Character sheet

PDF version


 0 Fitness  1 Awareness  1 Creativity  0 Reasoning  0 Influence
 0 Dexterity
 0 Muscle (-1)
-1 Quickness (-1 at start, 0 through XP)
 0 Agility
 0 Flexibility
+1 Hearing
+2 Vision (+1)
+1 Touch
+1 Smell
+1 Taste
 0 Instinct (-1)
+2 Cognizance (+1)
+1 Empathy
+2 Manipulation (0 at start, +1 through XP)
+2 Improvisation (0 at start, +1 through XP)
+2 Visualization (+1)
 0 Harmony (-1)
+2 Emulate (+1)
+1 Memory (+1)
+1 Deduction (0 at start, +1 through XP)
-1 Numbers (-1)
+1 Charm (+1)
-1 Financial (-1)
 0 Appearance


First Aid (through XP)
Investigation Subterfuge (P at start, E through XP)


  • Connections
  • Multilingual (French, English, Lowspeak)
  • Prestige


  • Codes
    • Be honest
    • Never give up, never surrender
  • Faults
    • Addicted to cigarettes
    • Proud and protective of reputation
  • Objectives
    • Uncover the truth
    • Expose corruption


Luck: 4
Discipline: 2


Dissent with Jayden 'Snake Eyes' Morrison.


  • Pack of cigarettes
  • Lighter (from her late boyfriend)
  • Camera/Visioreco
  • Editing deck
  • Notebook (the old-fashioned type)

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