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General Robotics RSTC Mk. 3 #119 'Rusty'
Name: General Robotics RSTC Mk. 3 #119 'Rusty'
Job: Combat droid retrofitted to generic utility droid


  • 2109 - Built in a High-Tech robotic facility in New Mexico.
  • 2109 - Sold to AMC corporate army. Deployed with general infantry.
  • 2110 - Rusty starts to develop a higher consciousness, drawing management attention.
  • 2113 - Rusty reassigned to special forces.
  • 2118 - First minor incidents, mainly concerned with Rusty getting overly attached to soldiers.
  • 2122 - Rusty went missing in action after refusing to abandon a squad under heavy fire.
  • 2123 - Rusty recovered with 2 of the squad members. Rust was heavily damaged.
  • 2124 - Rusty sold to one of the companies building 'the ship' and retrofitted for guard duty and generic utility.
  • 2124 - Met Knut.
  • 2131 - Brought into hybernation mode for the trip.


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