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Rinus Kärstjens
Name: Rinus Kärstjens
Gender: Male
Age: 63
Job: Biological Classificationist
Nationality: Danish


Rinus doesn't normally spend a lot of time on his appearance and it shows. His hair often looks badly taken care of and he hardly grooms his beard. He is of average height and stature but doesn't work out ever, with his body at least. He dresses simple and functional. Rinus likes to spend time with books and behind a computer better than with actual people.


  • 2058 - Born in Kopenhagen
  • 2079 - Graduated Cum Laude in Biotechnology and Food Science from Copenhagen University
  • 2091 - Won Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research into a cure for Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
  • 2093 - Gave up his carreer in medicinal biology to research the origin of life
  • 2131 - Went into cryosleep heading for Gnapho II

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