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Session 1 (Ravian)


Played on March 30th, 2008
As recalled by Ravian

30.23.M41 — Debriefing

We arrive on the hive world Merov, where we are debriefed by Inthios in his mansion in sector BL-23

36.23.M41 — The new assignment

We're summoned back to Inthios' mansion again. The door-bot directs us to the large office, where Octia, Inthios' wit-haired secretary, is working. Scarlet's inspecting the shelves with books and looks pretty pleased.
We receive our new orders the same way as per usual on some kind of data-message-thingy. Novus and Scarlet try to determine who gets the read the thing first. It turns out, three days ago, Cortez and his team of three were send to sector GY-72 to investigate some disturbances. Two days ago they were last heard of, which is pretty unusual for such a routine job.

We'll have to find out what happened to Cortez which will also probably lead us to the source of the problems Cortez was send out to find. We take a speeder to sector FY, as that's the furthest the speeders are willing to go. We join an oddly dressed woman who doesn't seem to be too interested in my companion. Eventually she gets of the speeder at sector CD-22. We probably won't see much of her again.

After a few more hours of travelling we arrive at the speeder terminal where it won't go any further down into the hive. I determine what metro we should take to get to GY-72 and finally find one. This is a lot shabbier when compared to the relative luxury of the speeder. The crowd is also a lot less well-dressed. At least they keep a respectful distance from us.

36.23.M41 — Sector GY-72

After two more hours of travel we arrive at the GY sector station. There's eight roads connected to the square we're on and we determine we'll have to take the northwest one to reach area 72. Our surroundings and its inhabitants look like crap, garbage everywhere. It's a four kilometer walk to reach our final destination.

We reach a somewhat larger open space surrounded by big buildings and a church, which once upon a time must have been a very impressive sight to see. I shout out Cortez' name. There is no reaction apart from Scarlet and Vhadeen looking very frustrated.

We decide to investigate the church first. As we walk past a large two-headed eagle statue we're filled with confidence. Once inside some of us are quite startled by the sight of three mutants. Low moaning sounds fill the area.

The mutants start charging towards us, and pretty soon we're in full melee combat. We get banged up pretty hard but I succeed in slashing some arms and parrying some incoming blows.

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