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Session 1 (Vhadeen)

Cortez gone fishing

Played on March 30th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

36.23.M41 — Summoned to action.

Six Days we had to waste, six whole damn days. No money left nothing to do but wait around and fill my day with cleaning by guns, drinking beer and waching dames. And the worst thing was, we were in the fancy part of this Hive world, which actually starts to feel a bit like home. Not a bad thing you say? Well let me tell you, I'm from all the way down, I know life isn't that good down there and ugly things happen, but at least everyone is more or less equal. Up here it's full of them uppity dames and lords and whatnot. Bah,the only thing that keeps me from hitting some of them in the face is the badge they seem to respect. No one wants to be called a heretic, specially by someone who hunts them down. It was fun to play around with a bit in the beginning and now and then it still is but it doesn't change the fact these hive worlds are filled with them uppity people, you scare one, there are a hundred snobby people around the corner to start again.. Six days you hear me! Six days before we finally get a message we should report to for duty, finally some action! Arquis caught me just before I was deciding to grab a drink in our local bar, good thing, sure as hell don't want to appear drunk before my boss, not that I thought I would be meeting the boss himself, but one could always hope. Trust me man, our Inquisitor is a damn good fella I tell ya.
I grabbed my gear quick and followed Arquis to our HQ. Ok ok I said our Lord Inquisitor is a damn good fella, but he has just a bit too much of a fine taste for buildings if you ask me. Any good marine barrack would do me fine, not this fancy showoff building of his. But hey, if this gets things done, who am I to say anything? No way no how man, our Lord Inquisitor did a fine job and I loved my job with him.
We marched inside and we were welcomed by one of them mechano droidy thingies which pointed us to a door. I gave him a little push when we walked by and grinned when he did that funny machine compensator wobble, brilliant! Still cracks me up after all the times I did it. Bless master sergeant Milford for teaching me how to do that, but that's a whole other story, I can tell you that one some time too, if you want, but that will have to wait for another night and another ale.
We were led into Octia's office, I have no idea why the others saw her as a secretary, but I sure as hell didn't. Fine woman and if she made it so close to our Lord Inquisitor and into his power grid she was fine in my book. I marched into the room saluted and waited for her to speak, it only took five minutes orso, no long wait compared to those darn six days. And if she decides we have to wait we have to wait, it's as simple as that. Chain of command thing, she is the boss, I am not, simple! I was like that in those days, I still am I guess, but I was a lot younger those days, life was fun those days it sure was. But let me continue.. She gave us our orders on some device thingie, Scarlet or Novus would sure be able to read the thing, so as it looked things were done, I showed my respect to Octia and marched out.
It seems that Cortez and his mates have gone missing somewhere on this same hive world, they haven't made any contact for three days. The man actually owed me something I remember, can't think of what it was, might have actually been only a beer, but it didn't matter. He was a hard and good man and he deserves better than to go missing. Good thing the mission was about finding him otherwise I might actually have gone down there anyway.

A quick discussion later, we were on our way towards the location where Cortez dissapeared to, no idea where exactly, but who cares about those silly location codes anyway. We were alone in the speeder except a lone woman of no interest to me, why the others were bothering her I had no idea, but it was of no concern to me. A quick flight later we had to change to another transport farther down into the hive. Almost back to my old life, a dingy transport, people with hard lives and rubbish everwhere. After a bit the car we were in failed totally, but it seemed Novus somehow made a fix to it which got us on our way again. We arrived at our location and stepped out of the badly refurbished tram and got on our way. We decided quickly that our target was to the northwest of this location. A once great avenue lead us towards an area that was eerily quiet. This wasnt normal, there was space to live here and no one was around. This was a bad omen, and I guess this was part of the reason Cortez disappeared.
The avenue ended on a large round square with on one side a large abandoned temple of some kind. Once some kind of worship happened here, but that was a long long time ago. Ravian decided that this was an opertune time to shout for Cortez' name. He quickly received a few elbows in the ribs and some stares from us and he decided against doing it again. We entered the temple in combat maneauvre but ofcourse this was quickly foiled when Arquis heard something or someone moaning in the corner of the temple and decided he should march towards it immediately.. Damn it! Every bloody time he does it. And well ofcourse as all other times Ravian and me took his flanks and we marched as a team forwards. I am not sure why exactly, but once more it hit me with stupidity, I forgot a lamp.. Again! And as we were moving quite forward and the vision was bad we were surprised by three monstrosities of mutated men. Some of us were so caught back they needed some time to recover and they were shooting at us and upon us before we could properly set up a defense.

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