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Session 1 (Scarlet)


Played on March 30th, 2008
As told in the voice of Scarlet

23.M41 Day 30

We have returned on what I have started to call my home planet, Merov. Our last mission has taken its toll of our team, both physically and mentally, so we can sure use a few days to rest and resupply.

23.M41 Day 36

A message from Inthios bids us to our inquisitor's headquarters in sector BL23, no doubt for another mission. We arrive at the mansion, which continues to amaze me with its intriguing gothic architecture. We are, as always, greeted by Octia, the fair white-haired lady who fulfills the role of Inthios' general secretary, who leads us to her office. Out of habit, I study the cabinets that cover one wall of the office to scan the configuration of Inthios' books. The only changes I detect are in the section of recent events, no doubt describing among other things, our last mission. Without ceremonial, as we have grown accustomed from Inthios, Arquis receives a small data-module containing our new assignment. Novus and me both access the data-module. It describes the disappearance of another of Inthios' teams in sector GY72. Cortez and his members, Nixios, Verna and Castella were sent to that sector three days ago to investigate heretic uprising and have not been heard of for two days now. We need to check on his current status. Sounds like a routine assignment.

We board the nearest speeder which Ravian tells us will take us as far as the FY sectors. The only other passenger is a rather flamboyant woman who makes a large effort to ignore us. For some reason I decide to sit in the bench closest to her. Maybe it was a gut feeling, but I didn't trust her. This turns her face even more sour and she gets out on one of the next stations. Sector CD22 I quickly note down.

After reaching sector FY, the quality of housing and public transport quickly deteriorates. We board a rather dinghy and dirty looking cart in which the passengers regard us with a mixture of distrust and awe. The silence is deafening. I startle when the lights suddenly fail, but this seems to be a regular event, judging by the ignorant reaction of the other passengers. With a silent sigh of relief, I dismount the vehicle when we arrive at sector GY.

A large, broad road, probably an old boulevard of some sort, leads us further down to sector and onto a small cul-de-sac. Most prominent feature is a large gothic Imperial church, which must have seen better times. The doors are open and slightly ajar and as by magic we are drawn to its entrance. For some unknown and unfathomable reason, Ravian decides to shout Cortez' name from the top of his lungs. I quickly throw a devastating look his direction and he decides against repeating this moronic action. Our team enters the pitch-black church in which the silence is disturbed by low moaning sounds. I decide to take post at the door. Novus decides to light up one of his beacons to get a better view of the churches interior. The next couple of minutes pass by in a whirl of excitement. Three large mutated humanoids suddenly appear, just before the altar. The smallest one on the left looks like he is wearing a leather bodysuit. The right mutant looked heavily overdosed on stimm, his complete body covered in immense bulging muscle. The looks of the middle mutant, who appeared to be their leader defied any description. Suffice to say they scared the living daylights out of me. I quickly did a mental exercise to calm my spirit and took heart.

The leader fired off a shot into our group before charging into melee with the other two, swinging their makeshift clubs about.

Novus and Zuka quickly took cover and readied their guns. I also drew my gun and tried to fire off a few shots. I'm sure I must have hit one of the foul beasts at least once, but the effect seemed minimal, eliciting only an angry growl. Zuka also tries to get a proper aim, but the muscular mutant and Ravian are too tangled in combat. Ravian suddenly lifts up his sword, and with a mighty swing, he completely severs the mutants arm, leaving the creature incapacitated and bleeding profusely.

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