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Session 11 (Vhadeen)

Played on June 8th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

Still the almshouse


Ah stop looking so bitterly, my friend. I know I am late and I have only a short time for you. And even worse I am in no mood to tell you that much, so it's gonna be a quicky tonight and then I'm gonna turn in and get a good nights rest for once. So where were we. The almshouse wasn't it?

Well one thing was for sure, we weren't stealthy and quiet, wrong kind of group for that actually. Zuka was extremely good at it, but the rest of us made so much noise to over compensate easily. So it didn't take long for someone to come and investigate. At least that's what my side of the story is, someone else might have said it was just a patrol or another kind of returning group. But the end result had to be simple, they knew we were there, they were heresy and they had to go down fast and down they went. They had some extreme skin armour, but the Emperor was and is on our side and nothing can stop a force that lethal. The gold emblem on the wall opened halfway through the carnage to reinforce the heretics, but even that didn't help them much. The room was a mess afterwards and the door was open, so I guess we could go ahead again and continue our mission. No my friend, I am not gonna tell you any details about things that might or might not have gone wrong. *laughs* And I don't think Scarlet or Zuka are gonna tell you about anything either..

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