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Session 12 (Vhadeen)

Played on June 8th, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

Scared? Ofcourse not!


Heresy galore my friend. I sure as hell wouldn't have admitted it at that age, but I was scared out of my boots that day. The scene we walked into when we went through the gold emblem and passed the corridor and it's door. It wasn't the snatchers with their glowing see through skins, or the even larger creatures, no idea if they were snatchers as well or some other project. Nope, it wasn't the the fluid tanks with body parts and grafts, not even the body that was lying centrally on the worktable screaming it's heart out, or maybe it was as the others told me he was comatosed and not screaming at all. But the worst part was the center of it all. The cause of all the heresy going on in this part of the Hive. It was one evil hellbent totally horific used to be female specimen of our race. Her face was replaced with a mask and she was abnormally huge with all kinds of extra machinery coming out of her and strapped to her back. The broken voice sent through some machine spirit created parts, but I sure as hell am sure the spirit wasn't residing in there anymore. Novus must have been horrified at the way she played with the powers of the machine spirit. This place needed some proper cleaning and we were the people to do it. Hah! Yes, my friend I was actually scared out of my wits and had to use all the power of my will to even enter the room and engage in combat with the snatchers, because I sure as hell wasn't going to attack that bitch of a creature herself. My knees were wobbly and I couldn't hit the broad side of an inner Hive wall, but my mates needed my help so I sure as hell was going to do anything I could to at least distract some of the snatchers.
It was actually going pretty well until the preverbial shit hit an oversized fan as our glorious emperor decided that our psyker was overusing his control of his powers. At the time I had no idea where it came from, but a tank exploded as a huge blast of energy blasted through the room and shook the whole building. Did the fight just turn for the worse or was it some action of my friends? Well, I was far too busy with three of those monstrosities trying to clobber me to death. Well something sure happened, our psyker happened actually. He made some kind of body switch with the creature of my nightmares, not that I understood anything of that at the time. But I'll keep that to myself for today and keep you in suspense until tomorrow..

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