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Session 10 (Vhadeen)

Played on June 1st, 2008
In the words of guardsman Vhadeen

The almshouse


Glad we didn't encounter any local enforcers as we made our way through the sector with our captive dressed up on a quickly made stretcher. He was pointing us towards his home and our destination. I expected some heavily defended building, or at least some guards or more of those creatures. But no.. We came to the local almshouse and no one was around. When we found out for sure that this was the building he really meant half of us brought him back to Saul's appartment and half stayed to watch the door for people. Well, I remember some entering and leaving, but it sure wasn't much and they didn't seem like guards or otherwise armed people. So we decided to go in.

It was Scarlet's idea to enter first and have a look around in her fortune tellers guise, I thought it was a stupid plan, but hey, I guess I thought almost all plans that didn't include running in with guns blazing stupid when I was that age.. After a short while Scarlet called us inside to secure the main entrance hall. She hadn't encountered anyone and she didn't want to go and explore the whole building by herself. Not a too bad idea I guess..
We entered the main hall which had a large counter for people to sit behind, three doors, an elevator and 2 large stairs going up to the next floor. The door behind the counter was locked and Zuka had some trouble opening the door so we decided to check out the other doors first. The right one led to some kind of theatre and the left to the messhall. In the messhall we found some kind of equipment to spy on people beside the kitchen counter. It was hidden away behind a mirror and they sure weren't going to be able to use it afterwards anymore. The mirror was forcefully removed and the, what Novus called, the brain was removed and added to his equipment. I had no idea how it could be of use but he said some interesting info was on it.

Upstairs were a bunch of unlocked offices with useless stuff and two doors that were locked. We still hadn't come across anyone, even though Ravian said he felt the presence of people. We decided to use the elevator to the second floor before we would be breaking down any doors. Well.. We didn't find any resistence, but it still might not have been the better place to go first. We found two rooms with beds that held multiple experiments on human kind. This surely was heresy and the people behind it had to be dealt with properly. The sight of those cut up and tortured beings shook Novus so bad he was a babbling wreck for a short time. I was glad I decided to stay behind in the central room to guard our backs. Scarlet seemed to have a ball though, a deranged woman that is, maybe that's why she wasn't so shook up as Novus was, she already had a deranged side to her. They also found a live one in there and wanted me to hold him down to prevent him from doing anything. I quickly made my way to the bed without looking around, helping my mates and leaving again. Nothing interesting there, time to leave again was my idea. Take down the heretics and leave again. Simple as that.

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