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Session 16 (Ravian)

Stern Hope

Played on July 13th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

100 23.M41 - Iocanthos

Before I stock up on gear I try to get some info regarding the weird blue painted guys who attacked us earlier today. It turns out they're all members of a local tribe called the Ashleen. The blue paint represent the fire burning the evil spirits.
The crowfather they talked about has something to do with Saint Drusus, somewhere along the early days of Iocanthos.

101 23.M41 - Desert travel

The next morning we meet outside in the courtyard. A big 4 by 4 truck is waiting to take us out into the desert. Vhadeen takes the wheel while we wait for Octia to join us. Arquis wonders if we should get a replacement along for Scarlet, as she'll be recovering for a while from the attack we suffered. Octia turns up and introduces Castella. She's a local member of the Inquisition and a pretty one at that. Octia takes the seat next to Vhadeen and the rest of us make ourselves 'comfortable' in the back of the truck.
We head off to the north passing through sandstorms and being followed by large flocks of crows every now and then. We also drive past burned down villages, overgrown with rainbow-coloured ghostfire plants. That night we set up camp and I take the first watch. I use my powers to detect any living being in our surroundings. Somewhere along the night I detect a presence and decide to tell Arquis I noticed someone sneaking about.

He joins me and we start searching for the intruder. Once we find him, Arquis pokes him with his hammer to convince him to bugger of. He drops dead, right beside Arquis though. I join him and poke the corpse with my staff. The clothes and part of his body seem to disintegrate upon touch as if he had been lying here dead for ages already.
This is even too freaky for my liking and I decide to cool down a little in the cabin of the truck.

102 23.M41 - Stern Hope

The next morning, Arquis takes Octia to the spot where we ran into the intruder. Zuka and me decide to join them. Once there we have a big argument about the possibility of a fresh corpse disintegrating upon touch. Octia performs a bit of her 'magic', but doesn't seem hundred percent convinced.

Meanwhile, Novus is working on the truck trying to get it up and running again. The desert sand isn't doing the engine a lot of good. Castella hitting the engine won't please the machine spirits either.

As we drive along that day the route slowly starts to incline, heading off into the mountains. As we pass a mountain ridge, we notice a dark silhouette against the sky far of in the distance.

At dusk we finally see signs of civilization again. Octia again driving beside Vhadeen wakes up after having slept almost the whole way. She exclaims that we're finally there. We see a hill with a large wall surrounding it. Fires are burning on our side of the wall. The glow of electric lighting can be seen behind it.
Some guards beside a roadblock order us to stop, one is carrying a huge axe. We all have to get out of the truck and undergo some kind of inspection. After a while we're allowed to carry on along the path.

As we enter the walled area, we face the huge cathedral. A fat monk comes walking towards us and gives us a hearty welcome in Stern Hope. He seems very glad we've arrived. The abbot Brother Lamark wasn't able to welcome us personally as he's not available at the moment. Vhadeen is told to park the truck beside the cathedral. And once that's been taken care of we're guided towards the largest building within the walls, the 'Crying Clotha'. Inside, there's a nice festive atmosphere.

note: The location where they build the Cathedral is the spot where St. Drusus crash landed into the planet.

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