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Session 15 (Ravian)

The Crowfather

Played on July 6th, 2008
In the words of Ravian of Strank

100 23.M41 – Iocanthos

After five minutes of getting used to the gravitational force we can disembark from the drop pod. I’m blinded by the bright sun, which I hadn’t seen for years with its natural colors. We’re standing in the middle of a circular area, surrounded by several large buildings. Streets running of in every direction.
An important looking person approaches us, and after identifying himself as Kerred Smyk, he asks us how long we’ll be staying on this planet. Also a servitor approaches and beckons us to follow it. Arquis decides to join the servitor and the rest of us follow in his footsteps.

As we walk to the southeast we’re being watched by weird looking people with blue and white painted faces. One of them all of a sudden starts running towards us, yelling ‘The Crowfather is back to drown us in his lies!’. Before he can lay a finger on Arquis I mentally swipe his feet from beneath him.
His friends start to approach us in a menacingly fashion. Arquis can’t be bothered and orders us to follow him after the servitor. Now the blue-white guys attack. We dispose of a few of them but Scarlet suffers heavy injuries in the process. In the end the local police force disposes of the last few of our attackers. Then they ask Arquis what happened there, but we don’t even really know ourselves. We learn these guys call themselves the Ashleen.

We proceed and finally reach a large building adorned with the familiar eagle logo. Inside the building in a very classy decorated room, we find Octia, sitting behind a large table. She explains to us that we’re leaving for Stern Hope tomorrow morning. It will be a difficult journey through the mountains to the north.
I ask Octia if there’s a way to get my stuff replaced which got blown to smithereens in the line of duty. She calls for another servitor which escorts us to the armory. There we can pick up all the regular stuff. For the extraordinary items we’re told to head northwest to the Pits. Zuka learns, that’s also where he can finally get his charge pack mounted.

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